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About Logitech

Learning and teaching are no longer confined to the classroom. Today’s educators must be equipped to teach in any situation while students need to be prepared to learn in any environment - both in-person and remote. With 35 years of experience designing innovative technology that is cost effective, simple to use, deploy and manage, Logitech makes it easy to transform teaching and learning experiences.

Featured Products

Logitech Has Education Covered 

Unlocking the limitless potential of students and teachers is what Logitech Education is all about. See how Logitech supports teachers and nurtures minds.

Logitech in K-12

Elevating the K-12 learning and teaching experience

Logitech in Higher Education

Powerful, easy-to-use Logitech solutions give students the tools they need to succeed - whether working in the classroom or the dorm room.

Logitech-Created for Education Solutions

A few changes to your class can make learning accessible and fun for all students—regardless of age, learning style or location. The right tools can break barriers, allowing students to collaborate without distraction, so nourishing educational experiences are always within reach.​

Unleash the Power of Chromebook with Logitech

Discover Logitech solutions certified to work seamlessly with Chromebooks.

iPad Solutions for Education from Logitech

Durable and cleanable tools for the home or classroom that support mobile learning

Logitech G

Play at your peak with high-performance gaming equipment from Logitech G.


Logitech Family

ASTRO, Jaybird, Ultimate Ears and Blue Microphone are brands of Logitech offering headsets for gaming, wireless speakers and Bluetooth mics, respectively.

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