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CDW and Microsoft for Education provide schools with solutions and technologies to accelerate opportunities for all learners. 

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CDW Amplified for Education offers comprehensive support for Microsoft enviroments, helping schools address their IT needs like remote learning, device management and security.

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Accelerate Learning

Help every student keep up and get ahead with new Windows devices and classroom tools.

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Reduce Costs

Drive efficiencies to reduce costs with devices that offer lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and direct resources where they are needed most.

Support Well Being

Simplified and Scalable IT

Safeguard students, teachers and schools from cyberthreats with hardware-based isolation, encryption and malware protection.

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Built for All Students

Encourage the development of future-ready skills and problem-solving through a wide variety of learning tools and environments.

Shop Windows 11 Devices for Education

With Windows 10 support ending on October 14, 2025 educators and students should transition to Windows 11 devices to enjoy the latest updates, features, and security enhancements.

Devices for students

Devices for Students

Supports high performance workloads and apps essential for K-12 education, while providing access to a wide variety of cost-effective devices.

Devices for Educators

Devices for Educators

Experience the productivity and advanced security of modern Windows 11 Pro devices, designed to empower educators with cloud-connected collaboration and management.

Microsoft workstations

Workstations and All-in Ones

Elevate learning and gaming with compact workstations and all-in-one devices, perfect for education, Esports and PC labs. Made to be durable, powerful and user-friendly.

CDW Amplified for Education Services

The CDW Education Collaborative

The CDW Education Collaborative

The CDW Education Collaborative is a forward-thinking community of K-12 districts. Join the Collaborative for insights and best practices on administering and mastering your Microsoft Education ecosystem.

Windows 11 Readiness Assessment

Windows 11 Readiness Assessments

CDW makes it simple to evaluate your educational enviroment's readiness for Windows 11 deployment. Master the transition process with a series of workshops diving into its Windows 11 features. CDW helps your team make informed decisions so you can adopt and scale quickly.

M365 Education Ecosystem Assessment

M365 Education Ecosystem Assessment

By providing clear guidance on what tools are being used, this ecosystem assessment enables ITDMs to optimize software usage, reduce unnecessary spending and make informed decisions about their technology budget.

Transformative Learning with Microsoft Education

Transformative Learning with Microsoft 365 for Education

Microsoft Education offers a suite of student-centered solutions that help create an equitable learning environment for all and help students succeed in the classroom and beyond. 

Explore the Microsoft Education Resource Center

Stay current with the latest content on Windows 11 devices. Explore and enhance your educational technology approach in our Microsoft Education Resource Center.