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The Power Of The Mimecast Platform

Fortify your business with the Mimecast Platform. Stop malware, credential harvesting and impersonation attacks dead in their tracks. Protect internal communication tools and make employees more security savvy. Find and neutralize brand impersonation attacks before they’re unleashed.

The State of Email Security 2022

In 2021, the cyber threat landscape in country after country became more treacherous, not less. With the number of publicly reported data breaches soaring past last year’s total, 2021 appears to be the worst year on record for cybersecurity. Phishing was the biggest culprit while ransomware was also running amok. Learn how your professional colleagues are responding to these growing cyber threats.

State of Email Security Report (PDF)

State Of Ransomware Readiness:
Facing The Reality Gap

2021 has been the year of ransomware. Overall, 80% of businesses around the world have been attacked by ransomware, and executives in this research reported experiencing an average of about 3,000 ransomware attacks over the last two years – or an average of four attacks per day. Yet, more than three-fourths of executives feel a sense of confidence and preparedness in the fight against ransomware.

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Radicati Group Names Mimecast a Top Player

The Radicati Group has named Mimecast as a Top Player in its 2022 Market Quadrant for Information Archiving. Click to view the full market guide for key capabilities to consider when evaluating an archiving solution, market segmentation, detailed vendor analysis, and more. 

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Mimecast and CDW

Mimecast and CDW together provide enterprise-grade email security and comprehensive strategies that defend your organization against evolving cyberattacks.

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CDW experts can help create strategies that proactively predict, guard against and respond to evolving attacks.

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We can help reduce business expenses while keeping your IT environment productive and flexible.


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