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Panasonic and CDW•G provide end-to-end mobility and technology solutions for the toughest jobs.

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About Panasonic

Panasonic is a leading technology partner and integrator to business, government agencies and consumers across the region. Committed to creating a better life and better world, Panasonic enables its business-to-business customers through innovations in sustainable energy, immersive entertainment, integrated supply chains and mobility solutions. 

Get Purpose-Built Rugged Mobile Technology

Engineered to withstand drips, drops, dust and grime, TOUGHBOOK computers thrive in the harshest of environments. Learn about Panasonic’s suite of mobile computing solutions that help you get the job done, wherever it takes you.

Panasonic Audio/Video Solutions

Panasonic's projectors, professional displays and video solutions can elevate moments into immersive visual experiences.

Bring New Visuals to Light

With greater innovation, flexibility and reliability, Panasonic projectors are daring artists to dream bigger and push boundaries further.

Panasonic Scanners

Whether you’re scanning one business card at a time or imaging records nonstop, Panasonic scanners keep you moving and productive and are easy to integrate with your document workflows.

Panasonic Scanner Lineup

Get an introduction to the current scanner models available from Panasonic and the features available with each device.