Promethean and CDW

Transforming the way the world
learns and collaborates.

About Promethean

Promethean, an ed-tech leader for almost 25 years, creates learning and collaboration tools to engage students, connect colleagues and bring out the brilliance in everyone.

Interactive Displays Built for Breakthroughs

Crystal clear visuals, immersive sound, a seamless interface and fluid writing are just a few reasons why ActivPanel is loved by teachers and students alike.

Spark Brilliance with Promethean Technology

Promethean ActivPanel Titanium and Nickel LCD Interactive Displays offers a natural writing experience using the highly accurate InGlass technology.

Promethean's Comprehensive Solution

Promethean understands that every school, district, organization and business is different—with unique needs, requirements and challenges. That’s why Promethean offers customizable solutions that meet you where you are.

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