CDW Product Protection

Feel confident with CDW Product Protection on your device. Plans are available in various levels of protection. 

About CDW Product Protection Plans

CDW Product Protection Plans are designed to enhance the manufacturer's original warranty and provide extended coverage options, applicable across multiple brands and devices. CDW Product Protection Plans are underwritten by Safeware and are backed by an AM Best™ A-Rated insurance carrier.

CDW Product Protection Overview

CDW Premium and Standard+ Plans

CDW Premium and Standard+ Plans provide enhanced protection, including accidental damage from handling and device protection in the event of drops, falls, or spills. Premium Plans also include a feature that removes the limit on the number of covered repairs over the life of the plan. 

CDW Standard Plans

CDW Standard Plans provide coverage in the event of mechanical or electrical failures your device experiences after the manufacturer's limited warranty expires. 

Computer & Smartphone Protection Plans


Printer, Camera & Display Protection Plans



Coverage Overview and FAQs

Review the coverage levels of CDW Product Protection Plans and frequently asked questions.

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CDW Product Protection Overview

See how CDW Protection Plans administered by Safeware can keep your best tools protected from damage, while giving your organization flexibility to meet its needs.

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Claim Process

Explore how the claims process works in the event a covered device experiences damage or failure.