and CDW•G and CDW•G make it easy to enable and enhance your tech solutions, helping you at each step.

About makes IT connectivity easy by offering a broad and trusted portfolio of accessories designed to meet the rigorous technical performance needs of IT professionals. Their products undergo rigourous testing to ensure compatability and reliability, making it easy to find and use the connectivity accessories your business needs.

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With an extensive article and video collection, and connections to IT experts,'s community platform offers new solutions to your toughest problems.

Product Performance's trusted portfolio of accessories is developed to meet the rigorous technical performance needs of IT professionals, maximizing reliability and compatibility in your technology solutions.

Display Adapters: Improve Productivity with Multiple Displays can help you identify, find and get the display adapter you need for any situation.

Transform Your Laptop into a Powerful Workstation

Do you feel constrained by the port limitations of your laptop? You can easily expand its display, peripheral and USB fast-charge capabilities.'s Multiport Adapters (PDF) offer a wide range of productivity features, including multiple monitors and additional port options, while adding the benefits of portability and flexibility.

Display Mounts and Ergonomic Products: Work with Flexibility and Comfort

With all of the hours you spend in front of a screen, having a workspace that’s comfortable and flexible is an easy way to boost your productivity. Create a comfortable, flexible and ergonomic work space by adding the right accessories and furniture add-ons, including cost-effective monitor mounts and tablet mounts.

Networking IO Products: Brand Compatibility and Reliable Performance

Extend your wired networks to remote locations at extreme distances for maximum network scalability. Resources