Veritas and CDW•G

Take control of all your data and applications in the cloud with Veritas and CDW.

About Veritas

Veritas provides powerful, scalable solutions to efficiently manage large volumes of data across multiple environments and safeguard it against an ever-evolving threat landscape. Their unified platform approach enables government departments and agencies to get the most out of their data by ensuring its availability and facilitating proper oversight.

Veritas Alta Cloud Platform

Backup and Recovery for Government and Healthcare

Data Compliance for Government and Healthcare

Gain the peace of mind that your data is protected from costly breaches with a variety of Veritas solutions. From eDiscovery to NetBackup, your clients' information can be kept secure so you don't face the slowdowns breaches bring to your organization.

Government Resources

Data is critical for government agencies to serve the citizens who depend on them. Ensure that your data remains available for those who need it most, while gaining visibility into storage and backup infrastructure so you can control risk with Veritas.

Healthcare Resources

Protect your critical healthcare infrastructure from malware and other malicious actors with Veritas's suite of healthcare solutions. With partnerships with wide-reaching healthcare companies, Veritas offers unique detection and recovery options for your organization.