Senior Care Innovation by Thrive.

Orchestration by CDWG.

Senior care is continuously evolving, and along with it, technology’s role is moving the industry forward.

CDW and Thrive: Transforming Senior Care

Why CDW Healthcare and Thrive?

Here’s how CDW Healthcare, a trusted adviser to post-acute care and senior living organizations, can help your facility meet the growing needs of both tech-savvy boomers and the tech-timid silent generation.

Improve Engagement and Socialization

  • Deploy ADA-compliant digital signage solutions
  • Enhance resident mobility through wearables and other technologies
  • Support resident portals that enhance communication and family engagement
  • Architect smart homes with voice-enabled devices and home automation

Enhance Workflows

  • Roll out communication platforms for better care coordination
  • Deploy sensor and nurse call tools
  • Guide and support remote patient monitoring and telehealth implementations

Achieve ROI Through Infrastructure Build-Out

  • Install healthcare-grade wireless
  • Deploy security solutions
  • Offer Desktop as a Service and senior care mobility bundles
  • Improve backup through Disaster Recovery as a Service

Interested in the CDW Thrive Center Program?

Contact your CDW account manager to learn more about the Thrive Center or to set up a visit.