Delivering the Future of K-12 Education

Powerful new technologies create more agile, versatile and effective learning environments.

Computers — once a rarity in the classroom — are now an essential tool for teaching and learning. As technology has empowered students with more agency and choice in their learning experiences, teachers have become facilitators as much as instructors.

Read more about the technologies instructors will have to master to power education in the future. 

We Get the Future of K12 Learning is Remote

The future of K12 education is digital. It’s focused on learning at any time, from anywhere. As schools embrace technology to empower a modern learning model, CDWG is here to help educators find the right blend of tools, platforms and components to fit both students’ and teachers’ needs. 

Checklist: Are You Prepared to Usher in the Future of Learning?

Roadmap: Technology Planning: Creating a Digital K-12 Environment


K12 learning spans a host of software and platforms, including Google Chrome. We help schools embrace the right software for an intuitive learning experience. 


Hardware directly impacts learning quality. From laptops and devices to webcams, AV equipment, and backend infrastructure, we help schools create a productive environment that supports both classroom and remote learning.


Collaboration is at the heart of modern K12 education. We work with you to ensure you have the right tools in place to foster seamless connection and real-time student-teacher communication.

CDW Amplified™ Services

From consulting and managed services, to security, infrastructure and professional development services, we offer services to support K12 learning from a network, training, security and cost-optimization perspective.


We Get Educational Technology

Forget blackboards — the classroom of  today is a student-centered, collaborative environment that supports a wide range of abilities and learning activities. 

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