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LG UltraWide Curved QHD+ Monitor with 3840x1600 resolution & 21:9 aspect ratio.

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To leverage the most out of a PC, it’s essential to invest in the right computer monitor. A computer screen displays programs, software, video and other information to users and is the heart of the PC in terms of user experience. Computer monitors come in several types with features to cater to custom computing or entertainment requirements.


Curved Monitors 

Without a proper monitor, PCs operate at less than ideal performance. Curved monitors are a great way to make using your computer feel new and refreshing. The subtle curve of monitors helps make gaming and entertainment feel more immersive. It also reduces eye strain and increases viewing angles. If you spend a majority of your time on the computer for work or leisure, talk with the experts at CDW to learn more about the benefits of curved monitors today and read our curved monitor buying guide.

Touchscreen Monitors 

Despite the prevalence of touchscreens in modern technology, touchscreen monitors aren’t a common display solution in standard PCs. However, using a touchscreen monitor can streamline functionality. Similar to a tablet, using a touchscreen monitor in your computer setup can give you an interactive display great for presentations, help you with multitasking, or simply add convenience. CDW has many touchscreens available ready to meet your needs.

Widescreen Monitors 

When it comes to viewing media or multiple application windows at a time, a widescreen monitor is a must-have. Widescreen displays have the extra space to display all the information you need while at the same time being an excellent choice for multiple monitor setups. Widescreen monitors are a popular choice for gaming and media consumption because their large viewing surfaces create a more immersive user experience. 

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