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Large Format Displays

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Large Format Displays. Orchestrated by CDW.

Display videos in high resolution with large format displays from Philips, Samsung® and other brands. Crisp contrast and multiple resolution options give users the freedom to choose a specific model that fits their workplace premises. Features like LED backlights enhance display screens, which is practical for commercial video wall installations. Displays for digital signage are available, essential for various stores and offices. Touchscreen displays are an excellent choice for interactive sessions in schools and gaming e-sport arenas. 

Samsung LED displays and other models come with ultra-thin bezels, which adds to the sleek and sharp look. This enables the side-by-side display configuration without visual lines in between. Thanks to the factory calibration, users can enjoy uniform color and brightness settings across multiple large format displays. Search through monitor accessories when considering sturdy mounts for ViewSonic® LED displays and other monitor brands. Select multipurpose screen displays work in portrait or landscape mode, to enable swift customizations. Integrated speaker systems provide clear sound to grab the attention of customers or workers.

Many displays from CDW® include a remote controller for easy adjustments, whether it's controlling volume or increasing contrast. NEC LED monitors and other choices offer multiple modes, including Theater, Eco™ and Dynamic Picture mode. Automatic source switching adds convenience when handling multiple screens to ensure informative presentations and effective marketing. High-quality components of 4K LED displays provide 24/7 operation, which is practical in commercial buildings. As an alternative to LED displays, users can consider projectors for school presentations or brainstorming sessions in meeting rooms.

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