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Network Security. Orchestrated by CDW.

Firewalls, unified threat management devices (UTMs) and virtual private networks (VPNs) play a vital role in protecting enterprise networks from internet-based threats like hackers, malware and viruses. A firewall forms a defensive layer between a company’s internal IT landscape and external networks. Available as hardware or software, the firewall checks all incoming and outgoing network traffic and grants access based on a set of pre-defined security parameters.

System administrators implement custom security policies using firewalls to block suspicious traffic and to restrict employees from accessing certain websites. This establishes a robust security mechanism for an enterprise network.

Network security appliances are physical devices that connect your digital network to the internet while filtering out malicious content and denying access to unauthorized users. When choosing network security appliances, consider several factors including after-sales customer support, the level of cybersecurity required and the budget and labor to implement and maintain physical systems.

When choosing a network security device, keep in mind several key features that ensure enhanced data security. A hardware firewall with a VPN included boosts the safety of the IT architecture since VPNs implement site-to-site encryption so that hackers and those outside the company’s network cannot track your online activities or steal data. A high-availability appliance is essential for a large organization or an establishment that deals with highly sensitive data and can't afford a shutdown of the firewall. Built-in high availability ensures that a secondary firewall takes over if the primary firewall stops functioning.

A UTM device plugs into a network at the networks outer edge. It acts as a gateway to a business network to protect against unauthorized access and other security risks. UTMs often include a firewall, malware scanners and intrusion detection and prevention software. Many also provide support for VPNs and other types of security software. 

Modern-day workplaces have robust information security practices in place to prevent cybercrime. A solid way to mitigate the risk of hacking caused by weak user-generated passwords is to use security tokens — portable devices that validate credentials electronically. Check out the selection of firewalls and VPNs to secure your enterprise network from the onslaught of external threats.

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