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Overwhelmed by the number of options when trying to purchase a router? CDW partners with the most trusted brands to provide routers with features that matter most to you. Keep your network safe with security routers and get flexible features from data routers. To maximize router capabilities, consider router modules and accessories.

Cable & Phone Routers

Routers are a vital part of any network infrastructure. Cable and phone routers give you the ability to connect devices on your network to the internet. Specific routers will also have built-in security features such as firewalls that work to make your network more secure. To learn more about the types of routers available and their additional features, speak with an expert at CDW today.

Data Routers

In some cases, large amounts of data may need to move across a network within an organization. Specialized tools such as rack-mountable data routers focus on transferring these massive amounts of information as fast as possible. Data routers also come with added features such as the ability to run multiple WAN services without impacting data transfer speeds. Speak with an expert at CDW to learn more about all types of routers or how you could start setting up your own data center today!

Router Modules & Accessories

Router modules and accessories are an affordable way to increase performance without the need to add another dedicated device. Just like with desktop computers, routers can support the use of accessories to improve functionality or network range. Call CDW today to speak with an expert and learn what router modules and accessories are compatible with your device and home network.


SD-WANs, or software-defined wide area networks, connect multiple LANs (local area networks) through software. These networks can be automatically managed and serviced via a specific program or service provider. SD-WAN services and technology allow for multiple networks and devices to be controlled in a single location. Speak with a pro at CDW today to learn more about SD-WAN services and devices.

Security Routers

Routers can be used for a wide range of services, both public and private. While some routers need to be easily accessible, that is not always the case. Security routers are devices specifically designed with safety and surveillance in mind. These routers have extra features that make the device more secure and reliable for security systems, such as cameras or proximity card-based access control. Speak with an expert at CDW today to learn more about their wide range of security solutions and services.

Wireless Routers

Most homes have some form of wireless router or hybrid modem device that allows for cable-free connections to a network. Network speeds are not determined by routers, but it can be severely impacted by them. It is important to always speak with an expert like the ones at CDW when choosing a wireless router. That way, you can ensure a device is compatible with your network and supports the speeds supplied by your internet service provider. Learn about the different types of wireless networks and wireless routers.

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