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Network Attached Storage (NAS)

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Network Attached Storage. Orchestrated by CDW.

Set your business up for easy and secure storage and sharing with network attached storage (NAS). Keep your work computers running efficiently by storing files on the network. Grant applicable employees access to the network for convenient access to files. Employees can also save files and share them with the relevant people easily. Create a private cloud to preserve privacy within your company. Use the redundancy function, where one of the hard disks mirrors information from the other hard disks if hard disk failure should occur. Storage capacities range from 0TB diskless NAS to insert-your-own hard drive to drives with more than 190TB. There are storage devices for homes and small businesses, rack-mounted options for large businesses and storage enclosures with up to 70 bays.

Choose rack-mounted NAS if you have a medium to large business as these systems are easy to expand. Synology®, Hewlett Packard Enterprises and QNAP NAS storage have a range of rack-mountable options. Tower-type cases work well for small to medium businesses (SMBs) and homes. Choose an option such as one of the ASUS® NAS servers that include empty bays if you plan to expand a little in the future,

As with all forms of storage, such as memory cards, you have additional options to select, for example, a setup with a redundant array of independent disks (RAIDs) capabilities to save space like Dell™ NAS storage. RAID allows you to store more than one hard drive in a slot and shares the data over multiple hard drives. Alternatively, give your system an upgrade or repair it with a hard drive designed for NAS use, such as with Western Digital® or Lenovo® NAS storage. Choose storage solutions from CDW® for efficient file access and sharing with maximum security.

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