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Talk to a CDW Amplified Development expert about your software development and application modernization needs.

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Our experts provide custom support for any development or app modernization project, including:

Agile Application Development. CDW AmplifiedTM Development Services provides the expertise to architect, build, and deploy your custom enterprise applications rapidly and at scale.  Whether building your mobile and web applications, UI/UX solutions, hyper-scale SaaS platforms, or systems to systems middleware integrations, every project is delivered industry-leading agile and DevOps practices. 

Rapid Application Modernization. CDW AmplifiedTM Development Services rapidly refactors your applications to adopt modern development principles such as microservices, containerization, and event based architectures. Our agile development teams architect and implement modern API design patterns for scalability and resiliency in your deployments. 

Software Design and Consulting. CDW AmplifiedTM Development Services supplies the skills and knowledge transfer and real-world experience needed to manage their new modern software development life cycle from end-to-end.