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Security Suites and Antivirus

Guard against malicious attacks with security suites and antivirus software from the industry’s most trusted names, such as McAfee, Symantec and Sophos.

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Firewall Software

Protect your network from outside threats with robust firewall software from leading brands such as Check Point, Sophos and Palo Alto.

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Encryption Software

Encrypt your organization’s sensitive data with software from the industry’s most trusted names, such as McAfee, Sophos and Symantec.

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Featured Security Brands
Security Software and CDW

Securing your data should be your company's number one priority. Hackers have grown to be more sophisticated than ever before. According to the University of Texas, 94 percent of companies that suffer from a catastrophic data loss do not survive. A data breach is not uncommon, in fact seven out of ten small companies experience a major data loss. Don't let your company be a part of this statistic. CDW offers security suites from industry leading brands like McAfee, Trend Micro Inc., Symantec and CA. We also have security specific packages such as, anti-virus software, firewall software, encryption software, vpn software, remote desktop software and anti-spam software. Invest in security software to prevent potential future infiltrations. Check out our Best Deals for special pricing on our security software suites!
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