Modern Data Platforms

Build a modern data platform that provides actionable insights and enables you to better manage, integrate, govern and use your organization’s data.  

CDW can help you get the most value from your data with a modern data platform. 

What is a Modern Data Platform?

A modern data platform (MDP) is a comprehensive infrastructure that supports the collection, processing, analysis and management of large volumes of data from various sources in a scalable, modular and governed manner through a combination of cloud, software and services that work together to support the entire data lifecycle.

A key characteristic of MDPs is their ability to be flexible and adaptable to changing business needs and emerging technologies. They are designed to support a wide range of data sources and data types, from structured and semi-structured to unstructured data, and can be easily integrated with third-party applications and services.

Overall, an MDP plays a critical role in enabling organizations to unlock the full potential of their data and creates a foundation that can grow and adjust to future needs.  

CDW’s Modern Data Platform Workshop can help you modernize your data, gain critical business insights and make informed decisions that drive business success.

What are the Benefits of Building a MDP?

Future-Proof Strategy

By building a cloud-native MDP that can integrate any data type, at any scale, regardless of the underlying infrastructure, your organization will have a flexible foundation that can quickly evolve with new technology and your changing data needs.

Designed for the

With multi-cloud technology, an MDP can bring increased flexibility, improved reliability and cost optimization to your data estate. We embrace the multi-cloud to design data solutions that help our customers leverage the best of cloud-native services and third-party data software that enables you to stay ahead of the game. 

Accelerate AI Adoption

An MDP can help organizations integrate Al and machine learning tools that can assist users with data preparation, insight generation, predictive analytics and other time-saving tasks. 

Designed for Data Fabric

By using our MDP design approach, your business will be enabled to create a unified architecture that can help organizations simplify the collection, integration and automation of key business data located across various environments while also reducing data management tasks. 

Analytics for Everyone

Make it easier for non-technical business users to access data and build reports on their own with a MDP that provides self-service tools and governance controls that can be set instantly with the flip of a switch. Remove barriers to accessing and leveraging data so that users can efficiently derive insights and collaborate to build competitive advantage across the company. 

Trustworthy Data

Support your organization’s data governance program with a modern data platform that provides tools to help your organization better manage and audit its data, ensuring compliance regulations are met and data quality is at its peak.


How to Avoid 4 Common AI Mistakes

Want to create long-term value with artificial intelligence? Start with your data.

On the road to adopting Artificial Intelligence, we encourage our customers to start by thinking through the business problems they are hoping to solve. This means shoring up the organization's data environment, a process that is too often overlooked. Instead, we tend to see organizations make these four mistakes.

Whether you need the latest technology, expert advice, or a strategic partner, CDW has a data solution for you:

arrow Data Strategy

Modernize your data and analytics landscape by leveraging our deep expertise in technology and advisory practices to tap data as a competitive advantage for your company.

arrow Modern Data Platforms

Deploy a modern data platform that incorporates leading technologies such as cloud platforms, data lakes, warehouse platforms, and machine learning so your business can harness the power of its data, generate business insights, inform decision-making, and drive revenue.

arrow Data Visualization and Reporting

Enable your business users to get data-driven insights and analytical reports when they need them, eliminating lengthy processes and turnaround times through self-service features.

arrow Data Science and AI

Infuse AI into your data infrastructure for improved data prep, predictive and prescriptive analytics, the automation of IT operations (AIOps), and more. 

arrow Core Data Platforms

Optimize the data systems that run your business with our team of experts.  We bring years of experience to optimize, modernize and manage the databases that your organization relies on.

arrow Data Governance

Establish a data governance program of decision rights and accountabilities to treat data appropriately as an asset, including managing, leveraging and protecting it accordingly.

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