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CDW’s FinOps Accelerator Program

Advance FinOps Maturity to Achieve Savings

CDW’s FinOps Accelerator empowers organizations to achieve maximum business value through collaborative, data-driven spending decisions so that IT leaders, CIOs, finance teams and engineering professionals can optimize cloud investments and maximize efficiency.

Unleashing Your FinOps Potential

Drive Transparency

Drive Transparency

Establish tagging standards and automations for effective show-back to key stakeholders while fostering cloud cost consciousness and sustainability.

Optimize Workloads

Optimize Workloads

Enable your engineering teams to use data that informs them about underutilization, storage policy, data transfer analysis and more.

Promote Cost Awareness

Measure Cloud Costs

Optimize cloud cost management with insights on meter rates, discounts, commitments and reservations.

Accelerator Program Outcomes

Stakeholder Alignment on Cost Allocation & Tagging Strategy

Prioritized and Sequenced Cost Reduction Opportunities

Recommended FinOps Process Improvements

IT Roadmap to Reduce Cloud Costs Effectively

Cloud ROI Success

3D ROI Bar Graph

Net Results: Over 45% reduction in Monthly Cloud Costs

The Impact of Cloud Cost Optimization on Transformation

The Impact of Cloud Cost Optimization on Transformation reveals that 80% of organizations overshoot their IaaS budgets due to insufficient cloud cost optimization governance and misguided upfront spend commitments. Cloud cost optimization must be a fundamental aspect of transformation efforts. CDW understands this challenge and offers tailored solutions and expertise to help organizations optimize their cloud costs, achieve maximum value from their investments and drive successful transformations.

The Impact of Cloud Cost Optimization on Transformation
Navigating Cloud Cost Challenges for Efficiency and Savings
Navigating Cloud Cost Challenges for Efficiency and Savings

Navigating Cloud Cost Challenges for Efficiency and Savings

With significant increases year-over-year in public cloud spend, it now constitutes a substantial portion of expenditures for many organizations. Effective cloud cost management plays a major role in controlling overall business spend. CDW understands how to keep cloud costs in check and can help identify variabilities in cloud spending as well as areas of cost-efficiency opportunity including overprovisioning, idle instances, ineffective licensing and unused pricing discounts. Our Cloud experts can help you maximize cloud investment with proactive measures and cost optimization strategies. 

Key Questions for Cloud Optimization

Asking the right questions is crucial to optimizing your cloud usage and costs. By addressing these fundamental questions, you can navigate the complexities of cloud optimization, make informed decisions and drive tangible results.

Questions to Ask

Understanding Cloud Usage Costs

What are we spending on the cloud and who is paying for it? What are we using?

Real-Time Decision Making

What immediate actions can we take to ensure our cloud usage aligns with our organizational goals?

Cloud Usage Optimization

How can we better adjust our cloud resource utilization and scheduling to align with our organizational objectives?

Performance Tracking & Benchmarking

Does our cloud usage and spending align with our strategic and organizational objectives?

Cloud Rate Optimization

How can we optimize our cloud pricing model or procurement strategies for better cost performance?

Organizational Alignment

What changes or integrations can be implemented to enhance the overall effectiveness of our organization's cloud utilization?

You can't manage what you can't measure.
Unlock the full potential of your cloud investments.

Cloud Native IT Solutions Benefits

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Cloud Native IT Solutions Benefits

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