Cloud 101

Embracing the cloud for your business doesn’t end at migration. It also requires investment and planning on how to utilize the cloud to accelerate and empower strategic innovation. CDW is a full-stack partner with the experience and partnerships to help you design custom solutions and services that work best for your organization.

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Featured Cloud Concepts

Optimize and expand your cloud portfolio in four key areas, to create flexible, scalable infrastructure from end-to-end.

Flex Computing

With the workforce becoming increasingly hybrid, and more employees working remotely, you need to maintain quality performance and efficiency. Cloud makes work easier and safer for employees and your anytime, anywhere workforce.

  • Connect with leading cloud providers and more than 90 global telecommunications companies.
  • Choose a colocation facility that can support, secure and scale to a flexible workforce.
  • Get continuous support for communication, application access and workload delivery needs.

App Modernization

CDW works with leading cloud providers like AWS, Google and Microsoft, to manage, containerize and rebuild legacy applications within the cloud. Easily migrate to the cloud for greater speed and agility with CDW Application Modernization.

  • Review existing applications to develop a Modernization Readiness Guide and roadmap with CDW engineers.
  • Develop a custom plan on how to containerize and migrate your existing applications to the cloud.
  • Refactor and/or replatform applications to perform better in the cloud with integrated tools and support.

Data Protection and Storage

Enable easy access to data and resources across your entire distributed, mobile workforce. CDW and its cloud backup partners offer reliable resource pooling, elasticity and network access for cloud-based alternatives to offsite data storage.

  • Improve visibility and compliance with CDW Cloud Security Posture Management
  • Protect server workloads across cloud infrastructures with CDW Cloud Workload Protection Platforms
  • Backup and recover files and server data
  • Enable fast, easy system restoration when disaster strikes

Data Management and Analytics

Leveraging both cloud and on-premises storage solutions means data centers can take a more strategic approach to high-volume data management, to wisely invest more time and resources into operations.

  • Enable machine learning and AI frameworks for competitive insights and unlocking new revenue streams
  • Establish analytics baselines to track progress on operational, product and organizational initiatives
  • Implement secure access protection to your data
  • Achieve organizational velocity at scale


How One Company Migrated to a Hosted, Cloud-Based Collaboration Solution

Executives at a California-based title insurance and settlement services company wanted to close the company’s in-house data center. CDW helped design a solution for migrating 100 server racks, 10,000 users, and 15 years of data and records without disruption. The new cloud environment made it easy to immediately push out new services and features to users, and freed up IT staff to focus on mission-critical initiatives and operational goals.

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Cloud Questions to Keep In Mind

How much time does your IT team spend maintaining licenses for your business applications?

Managing business-critical software assets can be complicated and time-consuming. We can help you assess your software to make sure you’re not paying for licenses you don’t need. And we can manage your renewals to keep you up to date, secure, compliant and safe from costly fines.


I’m concerned about the security risks of cloud.

Security is essential to every organization. With complex encryption methods, data stored on the cloud is managed by dedicated, highly experienced security and data experts, where it’s often safer than if you kept your data onsite. CDW stays up to date on the latest threats and protections, an expertise that helps prevent data breaches and eases your security concerns.

I don’t have the in-house expertise to manage cloud.

CDW can do the heavy lifting for you. Be as hands-on or hands-off as you want. Our wide variety of services includes managing and hosting a private cloud and services focused on your software assets and renewals. And our expertise and partner relationships help keep your business running, compliant and secure. With 2023 predicting an expansion of greater automation, we can set up the process and let it do the work, so you can stay focused on moving forward.


What should I be looking for in the cloud marketplace for 2023?

Cloud technologies are evolving rapidly. CDW broad range of partnerships let you craft the smartest combination of capabilities to meet next year’s coming demands, whether it’s better utilizing AI and machine learning for threat detection, or expanding cloud analytics capabilities to keep pace with the scale of data growth.

Whether your vision is to move your infrastructure to the cloud or deploy software on a subscription model, CDW can help.

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