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Cybersecurity Advisory Services

Look to CDW’s cybersecurity advisory services to help assess your cybersecurity environment, determine the best strategy for moving forward and bolster your organization’s incident response capabilities.

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Manage Risk with CDW Advisory Services

CDW’s cybersecurity advisory services enable customers of all types to develop practical, cost-effective strategies and roadmaps to tackle security projects. Our approach to advisory services encompasses a contextual understanding of your business drivers so we can develop a solution tailored to your security needs.

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Does your organization need more than just remediation? Could you use strategic level security guidance with the credentials to back it up over the course of a year? CDW’s vCISO service helps you improve the maturity and scope of your existing security practices by providing a technology-neutral security consultant. Using a three-step process, the security consultant can advise you on your organization’s security strategy and planning initiatives.

Security Maturity Assessment
Should you focus on written security polices, plans and procedures, or on the technical elements of your organizational security?  CDW security consulting services can help guide you by combining a high-level security framework review and technical security assessment of your environments to provide you with an integrated review of your security posture, as well as recommendations for remediation.

Security Architecture Workshop
Whether you are developing a network segmentation strategy or looking to roll out a security framework enterprise-wide, CDW can evaluate your business goals and your technology landscape to develop a strategy that is right for your organization.

Security Remediation Workshop
Leveraging the same team as our vCISO practice, CDW can help you determine the best approach to small or medium-term security projects, or provide an objective second set of eyes on an existing security effort in a flexible approach. 

Incident Response
Whether you need emergency assistance or proactive help to ensure you have a solid incident response plan, CDW can help.  We can respond to a breach and identify the scope of an incident with triage, implement incident handling and investigation performed by CDW engineers, and system forensics completed by CDW’s partners. CDW consultants can also provide Incident Response Preparedness Services, which include IR Program and Playbook Development, IR Readiness Assessment and IR Tabletop Exercises.

PDF: Explore CDW AmplifiedTM Detect and Respond Security Incident Response Services

Compromise Assessment
CDW incident response engineers can leverage many of the same tools and tactics to conduct active threat hunting and develop indicators of compromise based on the recognized MITRE ATT&CK framework.


Why CDW?

Our years of experience, industry-leading expertise and partnerships with leading technology providers can help you create a custom cybersecurity solution that dynamically addresses vulnerabilities in your network, now and in the future.



Our security consultants offer comprehensive security assessments for your current environment and can build a strategy that’s right for your organization’s unique needs.


Our certified engineers can assist with everything from simple anti-virus installation to complicated network segmentation, ensuring operational continuity and reliable protection.


Our Managed Services team can help automate routine cybersecurity procedures and ease the burden on your IT staff so you can focus on more pressing matters.

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