Secure Your Enterprise Log4j Exposure

Resources and expertise to evaluate and remediate your enterprise's attack surface from Log4j vulnerabilities.

People looking at monitor in outdoor office setting


Log4j Impact

Enterprises across the globe are currently impacted by one of the largest security vulnerabilities of our era.  With full stack expertise required to identify and understand the scope of their exposure, and complex remediation tasks required to minimize risk, the companies that move slowest will find themselves easy targets for data exposure.


How We Help

CDW is at the forefront of enterprise security.  With security experts across network, datacenter, and cloud, we can assess and remediate your risk.  Whether in-house developed applications, or commercial solutions, we can accurately evaluate your Log4j exposure.

Anyone selling security without remediation is just capitalizing on current market need. We can secure your environment by:

  • Patching commercial solutions
  • Refactoring or modernizing in-house applications 
  • Implement CI/CD DevSecOps security scanning to ensure new workloads are deployed securely
People looking at monitor in outdoor office setting
People looking at monitor in outdoor office setting


Get More Information on Your Vulnerability Exposure

Get an assessment of your internal and external risks, and a proactive remediation plan that you team can execute on.  Need help? We have trained professionals ready to assist.

Log4j Resources

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Developer Resources

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