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Protect Networks with Next-Gen Endpoint Security

New generations of cyberattacks require next-gen endpoint security to protect the devices on your network.

The world of cybersecurity never stops evolving. Attackers continue to become more sophisticated and well-funded, developing new tools and techniques that threaten the security of their targets. The business environment also evolves as organizations adopt new practices and supporting technologies, which can introduce new avenues for attacks. Security technology also marches on, rising to meet the challenges of new technologies to defend and new threats to defend against.

Security threats demand next-generation endpoint protection.

We Get Organizations are Challenged with Bolstering Endpoint Security.

With more data and workloads moving to the cloud, asset and endpoint protection is increasingly vital. Organizations must ramp up efforts to protect endpoints. Investing in dedicated endpoint solutions is one way to reinforce network security. 

Checklist: Are you ready for Next-Generation Endpoint Protection?

Roadmap: Next-Generation Endpoint Protection


Endpoint security assessments and next-generation IT tools are designed to keep your organization's and your customers' data secure and compliant.

Behavioral Monitoring, Machine Learning

Advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and behavioral monitoring spot emerging threats and quickly respond to attacks.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

These comprehensive solutions provide intelligence and reporting for visibility into various types of cyberattacks. 

Consulting and Managed Services

CDW offers IT consulting to help you assess endpoint vulnerabilities, as well as provide managed services for 24/7 end-to-end support.



CDW’s team of account executives and solution architects can assist any organization with its endpoint security needs. Our team routinely works with organizations of all sizes and across industries to design, implement and modernize their endpoint protection strategies.

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