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CDW offers next-gen courses to help individuals and teams build today’s most important technology skills.

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CDW offers flexible workforce development programs designed to give your employees the skills they need to achieve mission-critical business outcomes, excel in their roles, and master the technology that powers your IT stack.

The Skills You Need for the Tech You Use

CDW has partnered with leading software and hardware providers to deliver training on the latest versions and the newest features of the tools you use every day.

Role-Aligned Courses and Tracks

Looking to advance in your career, build an entirely new skill set, or finally achieve that promotion? CDW offers tailored learning tracks built for specific capability sets, leveraging the same CDW-proprietary curriculum used by dozens of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Contact a Workforce Development Specialist to find the courses or tracks best for your role.

Sample Focus Area

  • Incident Response
  • Cloud Architecture
  • App Development
  • IAM
  • Security Operations
  • Cloud Security

Sample Cyber Roles

  • Security Engineer
  • Security Analyst
  • Cloud Security Architect
  • Zero Trust Architect
  • Security and Compliance Auditor
Cyber Security Chart
Driving Business Outcomes Image

Driving Business Outcomes

CDW is the industry leader in transformative technology services. Now, CDW offers customized workforce development programs to optimize these large-scale projects. They deliver the exact skills your team needs to lead, support, and maximize the value of each of these projects.

Why Get Certified in IT & Security?

Investing in IT and cybersecurity certifications for your employees is a strategic move that can yield substantial benefits for both your workforce and your organization as a whole. In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge. IT certifications not only enhance the technical proficiency of your employees but also provide them with up-to-date knowledge and skills in areas such as networking, cloud computing, and software development. 

Additionally, cybersecurity certifications empower your team to safeguard sensitive information and protect your organization from ever-growing cyber threats. Certification programs often cover the latest industry best practices, compliance requirements, and emerging trends, ensuring that your employees are well-equipped to tackle the complex challenges of the digital era. Moreover, certified professionals tend to demonstrate higher levels of job satisfaction and engagement, leading to increased productivity and efficiency. By encouraging and supporting your employees in obtaining IT and cybersecurity certifications, you not only foster a culture of continuous learning and innovation but also fortify your organization against potential cyber risks, ultimately contributing to long-term success and resilience in the dynamic business landscape.

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To supercharge your IT and Security teams and skills, get started with workforce development from CDW.

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To supercharge your IT and Security teams and skills, get started with workforce development from CDW