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Hyperconverged Infrastructure

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Data Center
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What are the benefits of a comprehensive
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Server Room

Get tips for setting up an optimal
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CDW can help upgrade and prepare your data center for the future. Call 800.800.4239 

CDW can help upgrade and prepare your data center for the future. 

Four Reasons to Convert to a Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

HCI brings cost savings and scalability to compute, storage and networking functions.

Scalability. HCI scales to an organization’s needs instead of forcing organizations to adapt to the capacity of their current technology platform.

High availability. HCI allows organizations to improve fault tolerance by adding a layer of high availability. Organizations can leverage redundancy to isolate workloads from the impact of failed computing nodes and storage devices.

Fast deployment. HCI environments allow organizations to deploy additional storage and computing capacity in the proportions demanded by business workloads.

Flexibility. Hyperconvergence allows tech teams to meet dynamically changing business requirements for IT resources by shifting resources between workloads on a just-in-time basis.

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Why CDW Hyperconverged Infrastructure Services?

CDW can help update and deploy your hyperconverged infrastructure.

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CDW can help update and deploy your hyperconverged infrastructure.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Power and Cooling Solution

As a data center runs hotter, it is imperative to balance performance with higher cooling costs and potential downtime. At CDW, we can build a solution that fits your infrastructure needs.

Increased resiliency. Power and cooling technologies can help you identify potential disruptions, prevent damaging downtime and keep your data center running even if disaster strikes.

Improved visibility and utilization. The management system in a chosen solution can provide insights into operational costs that go beyond power and cooling. You may discover a need for more dynamic data center equipment or design a better power plan based on usage.

Reduced costs. A plan that maximizes the efficiency of your resource usage can help you reduce the considerable costs of powering and cooling your data center.

Maximized infrastructure flexibility. The modular nature of a well-designed power and cooling solution will facilitate future scalability as your organization grows.

Shop Data Center Power and Cooling Equipment
Shop Data Center
Power & Cooling Equipment

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Rack Cooling

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Why CDW Data Center Power and Cooling Services?

Our experts can help determine the proper power and cooling hardware for your server room.

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Our experts can help determine the proper power and cooling hardware for your server room.

Small Organization Server Room Essentials

Although cloud-based infrastructure is ubiquitous, there are advantages to keeping a server room on premise. Small organizations may prefer to keep their hardware in-house for greater oversight of security, data backups and maintenance. Here are some tips to help get your server room up and running.

Use rack-mounted servers. Many small organizations store their servers wherever they have space, piling them on desks or shelves, but this can damage equipment. Instead, buy rack-mountable servers and store in a well-ventilated place to protect your hardware.

Stay cool. Storing servers and networking equipment in a confined space can increase power costs and even damage equipment. Be sure to use rack cooling fans and air conditioners alongside ample ventilation to protect your investment.        


Maximize your server budget. Small offices with less than 10 employees may consider a budget-friendly network attached storage (NAS) server. Easy to operate, these servers provide basic backup, file sharing and remote-access capabilities. 

Get organized. It’s easy for a server room to become a tangle of Ethernet cables, and performing basic maintenance or fixes is complicated by unlabeled equipment. Invest in a patch panel and cable ties to keep wires under control, and label each rack or server with descriptive names and IP addresses.


Shop Data Center
Server Equipment
Shop Data Center
Server Equipment

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Dell, HPE and other industry leaders.

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Why CDW Data Center Server Services?

Our experts can help with your server environment.

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Our experts can help design the right solution for your server environment.