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CDW Bridges the Gap to DevOps

DevOps enables IT organizations to move fast, experiment and bring more business value than ever. 

CDW’s comprehensive partner and infrastructure portfolio and DevOps services team bridge any gaps that may exist between development and operations. Enhance your organizational processes by optimizing tools and infrastructure across departments and disciplines – as well as Infrastructure as Code, cloud, containerization, security and CI/CD pipelines.

Gain business agility through DevOps.

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Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a foundational pillar of DevOps that allows organizations to better serve business initiatives. By managing infrastructure through code and software development techniques, IaC allows for custom scripts that can automate provisioning, security and more. IaC offers huge business advantages, but it can be a challenge to design, implement and then fully equip your teams with IaC knowledge and create a culture of information sharing throughout your organization. Our DevOps team provides complete training to shore up knowledge gaps and ensure your team has all the tools to become successful with IaC. 

CDW DevOps: IaC in Action

When a SaaS provider of student information systems software needed to take their large, legacy applications to a newer, cheaper cloud infrastructure, CDW engaged with the customers’ corporate IT and development teams to build a custom platform that enabled DevOps teams to quickly build, fix and deploy software updates on a technology stack that was fully supported by corporate IT – without the burden of maintaining decade-old hardware, software and configurations.

Containerization and App Modernization

Application modernization takes legacy apps into an agile development process and makes them cloud-ready. To do so, containers allow businesses to virtualize applications, breaking them into individual pieces that can be delivered and patched faster than ever before. But modernizing legacy applications can be a huge undertaking as you change existing IT practices, technologies and tools. CDW consultants can help you choose the most efficient containerization solution for your business, create an agile development environment and eliminate unnecessary hardware costs. 

CDW DevOps: Containerization in Action

Hurricane Irma caused an outage that caused an energy company’s large, monolithic application to crash and bring multiple business functions to a halt. CDW was able to find a solution that broke apart areas of the application into scalable containers that deployed faster and were more fault tolerant.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) refers to the integration of development teams and day-to-day data center operations. CI/CD involves breaking down organizational silos so that teams can work together to deploy code as fast as possible without interrupting business operations. CDW can help you develop a culture of collaboration for total CI/CD. From collaboration tools to code repository solutions to building a development pipeline, our experts are here to support seamless cooperation across your organization.

CDW DevOps: CI/CD in Action

When a retail chain’s infrastructure team was leveraging disjointed tools and processes, the CDW DevOps team established a governance strategy for building, testing and release management across a new Azure infrastructure. Agile workshops helped the retail development team reduce response times on new build requests.

Cloud and Governance

A cloud-native approach to DevOps can deliver instant business insights and control costs by making it easy to monitor consumption and usage rates. But the best cloud tools allow you to be infrastructure agnostic. No matter what platform you’re on – AWS, Azure and more – CDW can provide you with industry-leading tools that help you manage public, private or multiclouds and govern permissions on each platform. 

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CDW DevOps: Cloud Governance in Action

A mortgage company needed to move their legacy primary lending platform from on-premises to AWS – with little to no downtime for their customers. The CDW DevOps team worked closely with the mortgage company and partner Red Hat to create architecture designs and a quality assurance plan that led to a faster go-to-market strategy and automated redundant tasks in the new platform.


Cloud-native application security – even down to the container level – is critical to keeping your business up and running. But as you evolve your cloud platform and DevOps strategy, it can become complicated to find security solutions that meet the unique requirements of your infrastructure. CDW has years of experience in implementing industry-leading cloud and container security solutions from major partners. Keep security simple while ensuring that your applications are not using compromised repositories and that code is updated, bug-free and can keep customer and corporate data safe.

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Monitoring and AI Operations

Monitoring of applications and infrastructure is a huge business advantage of DevOps. CDW offers granular solutions that can monitor applications down to the container level, allowing your company to make quicker decisions. CDW can also help you automate applications to meet organizational needs faster, as well as create applications that perform tasks consistently and eliminate inefficiencies in environment spinup and IT silos. Together, monitoring, automation and advanced AI solutions offer quick, powerful analytics that drive better business decision-making.

Featured DevOps Partners

CDW’s DevOps team partners with local, national and global organizations to help bridge the gap between IT and business groups. Our experts bring an average of 20 years of experience to every assessment, consultation and engagement, and have a deep knowledge of the evolving tools and processes that drive DevOps success.

Gain business agility through DevOps.

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