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Modern Workspace Management

Device Lifecycle Management Solutions

Device lifecycle management can become more challenging as your organization continues to grow. Improperly managing a growing fleet of devices can result in high costs, employee burnout and lost opportunities for business growth.

From initial assessment to device retirement, CDW experts will help you navigate the best endpoint solutions for your device lifecycle management environment every step of the way.

The Four Pillars of Modern Workspace Management

CDW’s Modern Workspace Management framework can help lower costs, boost employee productivity and ultimately increase your bottom line. Implementing our four key pillars allows us to meet you at each phase of your device lifecycle management journey.

Discover & Design

Our Discover and Design services address your end-user satisfaction through roadmap planning, technical assessments, proof of concepts and custom device creation. 


We offer options for pre-ship configuration services to customize your devices and ensure that they are ready for immediate use. Our services include imaging, configuration, inventory staging and delivery.


Gain the additional resources you need to unify and simplify device and process management. Our providers also offer help desk access as well as technical support.

Refresh & Recover

Implement a device management plan so that you can properly retire, repurpose and replace your technology. We provide secure, environment-friendly data wipes and residual value evaluations.

Why CDW for Modern Workspace Management?

Though decision-makers can easily identify pain points in their device lifecycle management, they might struggle to look past those challenges to see the bigger picture. Our team of business development specialists focuses on solving your problems, not just treating the symptoms. 

CDW experts and partners deliver a wide range of onsite and off-site services that enable organizations to design, orchestrate and manage customizable device lifecycle management solutions.

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Device Lifecycle Management Solutions

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