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Manage and Modernize Storage with IBM FlashSystem

Companies everywhere, at any size, need to be able to consume, manage and move enormous amounts of data. CDW and IBM will not just manage but improve your operations with the capabilities to meet your security, optimization and hybrid cloud storage solutions while reducing costs and complexity along the way. 

Chat with us about how our FlashSystem storage solutions make it easier to manage and modernize legacy storage systems.

IBM FlashSystem and FlashCore Technology for All Sizes of Business

Why IBM FlashSystem?

Do more than store. Whether you're a small business, midsize organization or large enterprise, IBM's feature-rich FlashSystem family can streamline operations across on-premises, hybrid and virtualized cloud environments. The performance of flash and NVMe-optimized architecture meets the reliability of IBM FlashCore technology to optimize:

  • More capacity: 1.1 PBe of capacity per single rack unit
  • More performance: Computational storage with automated data tiering and inline data corruption detection, encryption and compression offloading. FlashSystem performs at 6x the rate of a traditional SSD
  • More sustainability: 46% less power consumption compared to the competition
  • More resiliency: With logical, operational and physical air gapping support and a guarantee that the recovery operations from immutable snapshots will occur within 60 seconds
  • More availability: Six Nines of reliability!
  • More interoperability: From hypervisors, container architectures, security solutions, automation tools, critical workloads, and much more, FlashSystem is designed to support all of your data infrastructure needs
  • More choices: With flexible purchase and deployment options: CAPEX, leasing and As-a-Service

The IBM FlashSystem Family at a Glance

IMB FlashSystem 5015 and 5045 SAS Storage Solution

FlashSystem 5015 and 5045

Built for small to midsize businesses. These entry-level, SAS-based solutions offer you simple, flexible storage that can scale up as needed. These systems are easy to implement, easy to use and easy to grow with.

Read the Redbook (PDF) → 


IBM FlashSystem 5200 NVMe Storage Solution

FlashSystem 5200

Built for entry-level enterprises. This NVMe storage option unifies data management across the core, cloud and edge. 5200 brings you blazing speed, robust density and scale-up/scale-out options.

Check out the 5200 Datasheet (PDF) →

Read the Redbook →

IBM FlashSystem 7300 NVMe Storage Solution

FlashSystem 7300

Built for the modern enterprise. Accelerate performance and seamlessly modernize your infrastructure. The cost-effective 7300 is powered by IBM FlashCore modules and NVMe architecture.

Check out the 7300 Datasheet →

IBM FlashSystem 9500 Storage Solution

FlashSystem 9500

Built for large enterprises. IBM FlashCore modules, NVMe architecture and AI deliver extreme speed for workloads. 9500 also protects operations with IBM Cyber Vault and IBM HyperSwap for business continuity.

Check out the 9500 Datasheet →

Storage Virtualization

FlashSystem lets you virtualize existing storage and bring new life to older systems, with automatically inherited capabilities like auto-tiering, data reduction and mirroring. Plus, by offering multicloud capabilities right out of the box, FlashSystem lets you host and manage data wherever it lives, on-prem, off-prem or in the cloud.

IBM FlashSystem Security

FlashSystem Security

FlashSystem storage provides enterprise-grade system availability and data security features, including:

  • Non-disruptive data migration
  • Remote mirroring with IBM HyperSwap technology
  • "Six Nines" availability
  • Isolated and immutable copies
  • Hardware-accelerated data-at-rest encryption
  • IBM-distributed RAID technology, to reduce disk rebuild times

Plus, FlashSystem provides affordable upgrade paths for increased performance, scalability and functionality.

The Next Level in Performance

The IBM FlashSystem family is built to support powerful performance and growth with a range of platform capabilities. IBM FlashSystem comes equipped with NVMe-accelerated flash arrays that are Storage Class Memory (SCM)-capable. FlashSystem also features support for bare-metal, virtual and containerized environments. For greater overall cost-efficiency, our innovative Data Reduction Pool (DRP) technology includes deduplication and hardware-accelerated compression.

Why CDW for IBM FlashSystem?

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, CDW is unmatched in our knowledge of IBM's storage portfolio. Consult with us about a wide variety of complex data strategies and storage solutions, including:

  • Virtualization
  • Deduplication
  • Encryption
  • Flash Optimization
  • Business Continuity
  • Backup/Recovery/Archive
  • Data Protection
  • Compression

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Connect with us today to get started with IBM FlashSystem solutions for your organization.