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Inscape Microsoft 365 Management

Our powerful service makes it easier to administer Microsoft 365. Get platform administration and management that’s both far-reaching and in-depth, with robust features to help you boost productivity.

Intuitive, Comprehensive and Graphical Interface

Our Inscape Microsoft 365 Management platform helps you better manage Microsoft 365 environments through efficient platform administration, comprehensive reporting and improved visibility. The platform provides built-in reports and makes data accessible to help optimize license management and ensure and improve ROI performance.

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Save Time

  • Onboard/offboard Microsoft 365 users with ease using Inscape wizard
  • Reduce PowerShell usage with inbuilt Inscape reports and data
  • Quickly perform bulk updates
  • Easily export Outlook data files from the cloud
  • Get reports delivered automatically to your inbox
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More Visibility and Control

  • Access 100+ reports around all aspects of your Microsoft 365 environment
  • Quickly identify and address vulnerabilities for improved security
  • Keep a pulse on cost-saving opportunities with rapid insights
  • Optimize usage and costs with comprehensive usage insights
  • Ensure compliance and proper use of IT solutions across your organization

Inscape Microsoft 365 Management Features

Onboarding/ Offboarding

Automate provisioning and deprovisioning.

License Management & Cost Optimization

Manage your Microsoft 365 licenses with ease to save time and money.

Active Directory Security Risk

Track AD risk metrics to mitigate risks fast.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Get the data you need to make improvements and take action.


Quickly see who has mailbox forwarding internally and external.


Manage all your mailbox requirements including folder permissions, security audits and more.

Password Management

Simplify password setups and expirations, change-password actions and more.

Role-Based Access Controls

Set permissioned access to resources by job duties across the organization.


Quickly perform bulk actions like mailbox auditing and applying litigation holds.


Export .pst files from Office 365 cloud with the PST Exporter feature.