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Inscape Microsoft Teams Management

Inscape Microsoft Teams Management simplifies and automates governance and management of your Microsoft Teams environment, and provides you with productivity insights and statistics at a glance.

Comprehensive Visibility and Governance Through a Single Pane of Glass

Inscape Microsoft Teams Management is a simple and easy-to-use Microsoft Teams governance platform that allows you to govern and secure your Teams environment. Minimize Teams sprawl and eliminate the manual process needed to review external access for each of your teams.

  • Visibility, governance and management through a single pane of glass
  • Keep Teams sprawl under control
  • Simplify Team archiving at the push of a button
  • Easily identify Teams by department
  • Easily set up and implement Teams policies
  • Track how many files are being shared outside your organization
  • Hold owners accountable with automated, policy-based external sharing reviews

Microsoft Teams Management Feature Highlights

All Up Teams Statistics

Enable a broader view of overall Teams usage across departments. Get a complete breakdown on the numbers, including:

  • How many Teams your organization has
  • How many external users
  • How many active and inactive Teams
  • Number of orphaned Teams
  • Number of archived Teams
  • Tracking new Teams by creation data
  • Number of public versus private Teams

Detailed Teams Insights

Get greater visibility into your Teams users and their productivity levels with:

  • Granular filtering search capabilities
  • Application tracking
  • Data ranges for Team activity
  • Identifying Teams without owners
  • Getting an overall company view
  • Drilling down on Teams by department or individual user
  • Identifying externally shared files

Trended Analysis

Break down performance and data analytics by company, department or user. Pull data from Teams including the number of:

  • Teams calls
  • Teams chats
  • Teams meetings
  • Teams private chats

Setting Controls

Quickly and easily create policies for greater control over your systems with features like:

  • Global policy control
  • Team inactivity reminders
  • External user sharing reminders
  • Automated control of inactive/unused teams and users
  • Communication reports

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