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Networking Solutions

Connecting your users has never been more vital. From ensuring connectivity on-site and remote to keeping your users and their work secure, networking is a critical aspect to your organization’s success. CDW's Networking Solutions will help you get your network where it needs to be no matter what industry your organization operates in so that your business can continue moving forward and your users can continue being productive from anywhere.

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

One place. One policy. Everywhere you and your users work, Software Defined Networking is there to improve user experiences with consistent policies that reach everyone, instead of manually updating each endpoint. This reduces manual configuration, increases efficiency, and enables IT resources to be put towards more value-add projects. Artificial intelligence and machine learning help improve network performance, enhance user experiences, add an additional layer of security, and provide useful telemetry to enhance network reporting and troubleshooting.

Wireless Networking (Wi-Fi)

Whether it's connecting remote workers or powering transformational customer experiences, your network is the cornerstone of your business. From the far corners of the office to the edge of a college campus, CDW's Wireless Networking Solutions enable you to provide reliable access to your network so that you can stay connected from anywhere on any device. Modern wireless networks have advanced features and solutions for organizations in any industry or size. No matter what your industry is, you’ll get the coverage you need and the right solution for the right network.

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

While WANs provided a static networking solution, SD-WAN offers a dynamic secure solution. SD-WAN offers traffic insights and visibility, enabling you to control who accesses your network and extend that network beyond your physical location. Additional security features ensure that your users can access the information they need, but bad actors cannot.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Secure Access Service Edge helps address the security gaps you might face from an ever-sprawling group of users who are accessing your networks from more locations and with more devices. Single-purpose or multi-use routers that enable you to inspect for protocols, encrypt your network, and helps ensure you’re making the best networking decisions for your end users – all without sacrificing a functional experience.

Secure Campus Networking

In a world more digitally connected than ever before, the performance of your network is critical. Since enterprise networks play such a massive part in our business lives today, it might be time to revisit your campus network architecture. If you have a traditional campus architecture, it cannot meet the mobility, scalability and security demands of today's networking environments. With the amount of information flowing over an average IT network, it can be difficult and time-consuming for your network engineers to diagnose and fix problems manually on a traditional campus architecture. And when a network device is down, engineers can’t work on it remotely to troubleshoot it. Instead, they have to travel to the device and restore it in person. The end result? Your IT department's time is tied up with simply keeping the networks running, and the user experience can be affected for hours when problems arise. 

Modernizing your network's infrastructure will help alleviate those pain points. To take advantage of emerging technologies, your organization needs to invest in robust network bandwidth and fast cloud connections through network modernization. CDW's Networking Solutions experts can assess and update your organization’s network infrastructure to meet the demands of emerging technologies and services.

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