Are your software costs out of control? Do you dread the yearly audit? Do you even know who has what hardware and what's on it? We can help with the hair-raising task of software and hardware asset management, thanks to Snow, Ivanti and many other software asset management (SAM) solutions offered by CDW.
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Explore cost-reducing SAM solutions from Snow and Ivanti.


CDW Customers Save with SAM



  • Paying too much for software
  • Not sure what software is where
  • Hair-raising software audits
  • Incomprehensible licensing agreements
  • Must meet expectations to achieve more with less
  • Audit your existing platforms 
  • Create virtual SAM teams
  • Build, support and enforce SAM policies
  • Drive down software costs 
  • Ensure compliance with licensing obligations
  • Effective management of IT assets from the desktop to the data center
  • All stakeholders have complete visibility to all IT assets in a customizable dashboard
  • Strong negotiating position during audit
  • Reduced software investment through re-harvesting and redistributing unused software


Customer Testimonials

Information gleaned from Snow helped us cut the cost of our Microsoft license agreement... saving us $1.3 million. Snow's Software Recognition Service is invaluable in bringing an everyday contextual understanding to what software is installed.

Senior Technology Business Manager


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