Kingston CDW•G

A storage device for every need. CDW•G and Kingston partner together to help you meet your most demanding requirements.

About Kingston

Kingston offers a full range of SSD, DRAM and encrypted USB drives, serving an international network of distributors, resellers and OEM customers. Kingston’s quality, testing and support are the foundation to its 30 years of success.

Kingston Memory Solutions

See how Kingston's massive portfolio of memory and storage solutions can help you solve for all your memory needs.

Introduction to Kingston Technology

See why Kingston is a trusted leader in data storage and memory products and solutions.

Kingston SSD UV400

Available in multiple capacities, the SSD UV400 is more durable than traditional hard drives and improves system speed by a factor of 10.

Memory Products

Increase your desktop’s or laptop’s processing power with Kingston memory add-ons. They’re guaranteed to be compatible and offer a great cost-performance benefit, plus better multitasking, faster processing of media files and smoother streaming.

Solid State Drives

Get more life out of your computer by replacing your old hard drive with a Kingston SSDNow drive. It’s a cost-efficient way to dramatically improve your system’s responsiveness —  and it’s less disruptive than migrating your data to a new system.

USB Drives

Kingston’s DataTraveler Flash drives offer capacities up to 1TB and a wide variety of features. Store and transfer photos, music, videos and files with legendary Kingston reliability. 

Kingston Resources

Kingston Encrypted USB Security

See how Kingston is working to strengthen business and government security.

System-Specific Memory

Learn about what goes into Kingston's quality memory systems for desktops and laptops.

System-Specific Server Memory

Learn about Kingston's system-specific server memory program and how its experts can help you.