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BMC REMEDY AR SYS SRV is rated 3.8 out of 5 by 12.
Rated 3 out of 5 by from ​CMDB & Asset management is very helpful in locating an asset. ​The SRM module is still pretty complex. Valuable Features:In recent releases they introduced OOTB email tickets creation. In the older version we needed to write a lot of code for this.Improvements to My Organization:CMDB & Asset management is very helpful in locating an asset. Also, the CI viewer helps in good impact analysis for a CR. Bmc SIM gives a good model too.Room for Improvement:The SRM module is still pretty complex, this needs some improvement in AIF creation and configuration. Process designer needs some good video demos and documentation.Use of Solution:I have been working on this product for the last 10+ years.Deployment Issues:During code deployment the Ar Server sometimes leaks a lot of memory which needs a regular restart.Stability Issues:Stability is as good as your defined architecture which is decided by load.Scalability Issues:Horizontal scalability at AR server level and at mid tier level is very good.Technical Support:Technical support has improved compared to six or seven years ago. Customers are happy.Initial Setup:The set-up is pretty easy.Implementation Team:Most of my implementations were done through an house team.Cost and Licensing Advice:Get floating licenses if your user base is going to be big.Other Solutions Considered:I evaluated ServiceNow as an alternative solution. Many customers wanted a new tool to evaluate because they have a very old version of Remedy and upgrading is complex because too much customization is needed. Also, ServiceNow has a very good SAAS/PAAS solution.Other Advice:Keep a balance between your ITIL processes and the tool. Don't break the costly product just to incorporate your old legacy process. When implementing it, you should avoid customising it too much, having complex SRM AIF forms. You should also ensure you don't have a customised approval process and having too much data in the CMDB.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2017-10-23
Rated 4 out of 5 by from The IT service management and change request creation features are valuable. Valuable Features:* ITSM features* CR creationImprovements to My Organization:It helped us to implement ITIL and MSTOP.Room for Improvement:* Slow BIUse of Solution:I have used it for four years.Deployment Issues:We have not encountered any deployment issues, as it offers a cloud-based solution.Stability Issues:We have not encountered any stability issues.Scalability Issues:We have not encountered any scalability issues.Customer Service:Customer service is average.Technical Support:Technical support is 10/10.Previous Solutions:I previously used a different solution. I switched because my organization switched the tool vendor.Implementation Team:We implemented it through a vendor team.Other Solutions Considered:Before choosing this product, we also evaluated HPE Service Manager.Other Advice:I have no further comments; excellent tools.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2017-03-24
Rated 5 out of 5 by from It's easy to customize and provides a range of features you can customize with practically no exceptions. Valuable Features:It's easy to customize and provides a range of features you can customize with practically no exceptions unlike its competing products like ServiceNow, etc. which have many limitations.Improvements to My Organization:I have implemented this product at many customer sites and have been able to do so with an extremely quick turnaround. The development and customization timelines on the calendar were insignificant compared to the time needed to collect business requirement which is usually the constant and tool agnostic. No matter what solution you pick, understanding business requirements is a constant.Room for Improvement:I can’t quite think of any areas that may require improvement – web services maybe as until v8 there was one small limitation which I think has been removed with the v9. It was possible to circumvent the limitation in previous versions by rewriting the WSDL.Use of Solution:We've been using BMC Remedy AR System and its ITSM suite products for about 17 years.Deployment Issues:Not once in any of my deployments for the past 17 years. Bugs and issues like that yes, but nothing that was not resolved as quickly as it was found.Stability Issues:Just in a couple of releases after which they had to immediately release a SP to resolve those stability issues.Scalability Issues:Scalability is one of BMC Remedy systems biggest strengths..Customer Service:Fairly good. Much of it is in Asia and as in with most foreign customer support there is that occasional “understanding the accent” problem, but apart from that they are fairly good at what they do.Technical Support:It's top notch.Previous Solutions:I have had to use ServiceNow in between deployments, and think it is a much inferior solution to the BMC Remedy solution.Initial Setup:As straightforward as it can get for someone who knows the system.Implementation Team:I do the implementations myself.ROI:From a technical viewpoint, I can only say it should be fairly good as you get exactly what they promise you no less. With many other solutions including ServiceNow that have better marketing teams than BMC Remedy does, they set the delivery expectations where they cannot possibly get due to technical limitations with the tool. BMC Remedy representatives however set the bar exactly where it should be and the product is able to deliver what they promise it can.Cost and Licensing Advice:Since licensing can affect price of the overall solutions significantly especially for smaller businesses, I would recommend those that are interested in this solution to spend a tiny bit on third party applications you get that are designed to work with the BMC solution to monitor its usage and suggest the optimal numbers for licenses based on these statistics. It has been useful for a number of shops to save on their licensing costs significantly by not over budgeting for their licenses. These monitoring apps are legal to use and in fact have been displayed at BMC Remedy user group conferences and even won awards at some of those shows.Other Solutions Considered:I had to evaluate ServiceNow which I feel has a long long way to go. Lucky for them they have invested in a very strong marketing team which has strengthened its product salesOther Advice:Make sure you get a team that has the know how to implement this product. Like with all other things that are easy to use and easy to implement, it also is easy to muck things up when you have a team that does not know what it is doing. Find the right people, build a good implementation team, and more importantly, spend as much time as you can with the business analysis part making sure you get the implementation team involved in it. Do not sweat on the actual implementation. That part is the easy part once you have your requirements right.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2016-07-12
Rated 4 out of 5 by from All the features, including all modules like asset management, incident management, Service Request Management, CMDB, developing the applications using workflow, etc., are really cool. Valuable Features:I've found that the complete set of modules very valuable. All the features, including all modules like asset management, incident management, Service Request Management, CMDB, developing the applications using workflow, etc., are really cool.Improvements to My Organization:ARS has helped to automate various business needs to our client. Remedy is used to track our client's asset inventory which has improved the organizational functions a lot.Room for Improvement:Upgrading to a higher version should be easier. Also, performance is the factor which needs a lot of improvements. Apart from that all modules need small small enhancements which I believe would have been taken care in higher version as I never used a higher version.Use of Solution:I am using Remedy ITSM solution for last 4 years.Deployment Issues:I was never a part of initial deployment. But apart from that small deployments and enhancements keep coming as per business requirement and I never faced any issue.Stability Issues:No issue with stability. I have not found any stability issues.Scalability Issues:No, Remedy is best solution to enhance growth of an organization. We have onboarded lot of customers without any issues.Customer Service:Customer service is good.Technical Support:7 out of 10. Tech support should be improved. There is lot for BMC to improve their tech support.Previous Solutions:No, I never used any other solution. And I find this perfect as well.Initial Setup:I don't know. I was not involved that time, it was long time ago :)Implementation Team:I don't know as I was not available that time.ROI:From customer perspective, more customizable solutions should be available.From a developer/support personnel perspective, logging should be more friendly.Cost and Licensing Advice:Licensing and pricing is quite expensive as compared to other competitors but in long run Remedy is the remedy to all business needs.Other Solutions Considered:No. I started my career with Remedy.Other Advice:To me, I would say this is one of the best solution for Enterprise customers to fulfill their business needs. Be it managing their assets inventory or working through modules. It's quite user friendly as well. However, licensing and deployment may be difficult for the developers and implementers.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2016-04-18
Rated 4 out of 5 by from It provides a way to rapidly develop and deploy a number of small, but important applications. Valuable Features:With so many cool features available in BMC's own applications like ITSM, it's easy to overlook the platform features that enable them. ARS really shines when it's workflow directly supports critical business processes. And it's this workflow - how easily its translated from business process, how quickly it can be developed, and how fast it can be deployed and used - that I consider it's most valuable feature to the business. It has all of the other features you'd expect in a robust enterprise platform (architectural scalability, flexibility to adapt to Windows/Unix shops, tons of UI widgets, a variety of DB options, cloud offerings, etc.) but it's workflow engine is what makes it a great platform for pretty much any business need.Improvements to My Organization:As a platform it provides a way to rapidly develop and deploy a number of small, but important applications. One example of this is how call center quality is evaluated and measured - we use Remedy to track, grade, and ultimately development improvements to the processes, ultimately benefiting the customer.Room for Improvement:There are two areas where I think improvements could be made; web support of custom applications and upgrades. BMC provides a couple of modern web interfaces with SmartIT and MyIT, but these are limited to fronting their own (ITSM) applications. Having a modern web layer for custom applications running on the ARS platform would help a lot (indeed there are several very large technology companies who do this for themselves, but having a BMC solution would simplify the DevOps process and associated infrastructure). Upgrading to a new ARS version in a complex environment remains a challenge. It's not that any one part is hard (and BMC has the ability to offer a zero-down-time option), but it's often a manual, long, and time-consuming process. Managing multiple tasks and handling them as part of the installation would simplify things).Use of Solution:We've been using the Remedy Action Request System (ARS) platform by BMC Software, running 100% custom applications (not ITSM). The larger, primary system is running ARS v8.1 and we're in the process of upgrading to ARS v9.1. There's also a smaller system running an older version that's being phased out.Personally, I've been developing business solutions with the ARS platform for over 20 years. The last couple of environments I've been working have some applications over 10 years old.Deployment Issues:We had no issues deploying it.Stability Issues:There have been no issues with its stability.Scalability Issues:BMC has done a good job of keeping ahead of enterprise growth and continues to offer new features that make administration, scaling, and performance tuning all easier to manage.Technical Support:Fair/Good - In environments as complex as ours, the basic needs are pretty much taken care-of in-house. The issues we generally face are complex and deep within the technology, and these always take a bit of time to bring the vendor up to speed. (To be fair, BMC offers higher support tiers, providing a more bespoke support experience, but I haven't had the opportunity to experience this tier.)Previous Solutions:The platform was in place prior to my arrival.ROI:That's more of a question for leadership, but I think that it needs to be compared against custom platforms and evaluated from a total-cost of ownership perspective. There's hard evidence that, while licensing sounds expensive, having the development staff focus on core business process automation rather than low-level platform development/maintenance is a worthwhile trade-off and is a bigger benefit to the business (assuming you treat the AR System platform as such).Other Advice:Pretty darn good, but nothing's perfect. Know your business, their processes, and how they use other tools - seriously. "Implementation" often is interpreted as focusing on just a software installation, like running setup.exe and watching the blue status bar make it's way to 100%. Frankly the software install is so well defined that it should be automated - and it typically only represents 20-30% of an overall deployment. 80% of an implementation should be spent analyzing, configuring, and testing the various configurations and integrations required by your unique business. Don't forget the training and knowledge transfer! Vendor teams can help (a lot) in guiding you through this, but they don't know your business like you and your customers.Make sure you think about, and understand the differences between what BMC calls the brand, "Remedy", their application suite, " Remedy IT Service Management", and the platform, "AR System". Calling something "Remedy" without this understanding leads to a lot of confusion.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2016-03-23
Rated 4 out of 5 by from The most valuable feature is the ability to have ITIL Out Of The Box (OOTB) functionality that can be readily customised to fit the specific needs of any given business organisation. Valuable Features:The most valuable feature is the ability to have ITIL Out Of The Box (OOTB) functionality that can be readily customised to fit the specific needs of any given business organisation. This coupled with the open API that allows for integration with existing and legacy data sets means that you can rapidly implement ITSM in an organic fashion. Another valuable feature has to be the fast prototyping environment with allows an organisation to develop customisations in a reactive, agile manner.Improvements to My Organization:The use of templates, both Incident and Change templates, has allowed for a more consistent approach to processing these types of tickets. Developing a standardised approach to these has also improved the associated reporting for post-Incident and post-Change reviews. Another important improvement has been with the implementation of the Service Request Module which has improved the end-user experience and is helping move towards a more "Self-Help" environment.Room for Improvement:The two main areas for improvement are the User Interface and ad-hoc reporting ( ). The User Interface still has the appearance of being clunky and not user friendly. This has changed with the release of Remedy/ITSM V9 and related products such as SmartIT and MyIT. Reporting has always been an issue with the Remedy/ITSM paradigm. It is not user friendly, too limited and clearly not intended for the End User. With Remedy/ITSM V9 comes the SmartReporting module. I look forward to using this in the future.Use of Solution:I have involved with Remedy since 1996. Starting with Version 3.2 of Action Request System and v1 of Helpdesk. This was long before ITSM came onto the scene.Deployment Issues:Having been involved in migrations from version 3.2 up to and including v8.1.02 I can honestly say that very few of the migrations have induced deployment issues. The Remedy, and latterly BMC, engineers, have successfully maintained backwards compatibility throughout all their versions. As long as the platform and infrastructure requirements are planned and resourced correctly then the deployment process is relatively straightforward.Stability Issues:Stability is very much dependent on the architecture that has been implemented and also on the underlying infrastructure. For example, with the application server and mid-tier being deployed on a Windows Server environment, I had a client who was experiencing issues with some of the Java processes on a weekly, if not daily basis. Moving to a Linux based environment has almost eliminated these issues.Scalability Issues:Scalability is very similar to stability in that as long as the underlying infrastructure is correctly sized and resourced then the product can deal with scalability issues.Customer Service:Customer Service does vary. It all depends on your Account Manager. The good ones can be a real asset and and can provide that additional effort that makes for a good relationship between all the actors.Technical Support:Technical support can vary according to your location and which team picks up your issue. Over the years the quality of technical support has varied. Providing you have an administrator/developer who can do some of the initial problem discovery and debugging then you will be able, in conjunction with technical support, to more easily track down the underlying issues.Previous Solutions:My existing client used an older version of ITSM from the same supplier. In this case there was no switch from a different solution but the upgrade/migration still needed proper planning to implement correctly. The main reasons for upgrading were to ensure that a currently supported version of the product was being used and that the old infrastructure was replaced by a more performantInitial Setup:For the product itself the initial setup was relatively straightforward. The main complexity arose mainly in the project management aspect of the migration. This was due to the fact the coordination had to be done with both internal and external resources.Implementation Team:The project was undertaken with a vendor team for the installation and migration, internal teams for the architecture and security aspects, as well as the Remedy/ITSM administrators/Process Managers and, of course, the End Users.ROI:As I wasn't involved at the beginning of this project I cannot give any information on the ROI. However, it is clear that ROI improves as and when the relationships between the different modules of ITSM are integrated. Related to this is the integration with other applications within the organisation such as ADDM/Discovery to enhance the CMDB. Once this information is available to, for example, the Incident, Change and Problem modules then the true value of ITSM to the organisation can be realised.Cost and Licensing Advice:When it comes to pricing and licensing, you have to have a good relationship with your Account Manager. They are the best person to guide you through this important area. You need to analyse your requirements in terms of the ratio of floating/fixed licenses to ensure that you have the correct mix of these licences. Licence and maintenance costs may be relatively high but in terms of upgrades you tend to get a good ROI.Other Solutions Considered:For this particular project no other options were chosen. A SaaS option was not suitable for this client and the requirements of being able to migrate/access the data from the existing environment did not allow for other solutions to be discussed.Other Advice:This solution is a complex one which does allow for flexibility and customisations. Clients should therefore be aware that there is a need for in-house administrators/developers. This may be reduced if the SaaS option is selected.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2016-02-28
Rated 4 out of 5 by from It provides email notification that are triggered as and when there is an update on assigned ticket, unassigned ticket for pending and resolved. Valuable Features:The most valuable feature is the flexibility, which allows us to customize it per our customers' requirements.Improvements to My Organization:* Email Notification that are triggered as and when there is an update on assigned ticket, unassigned ticket, pending, and resolved.* Multiple mailbox configurations helped people from different organizations to communicate/create incidents.Room for Improvement:As of now, the new release of version 9 is in place which is resolving the issues reported related to Reporting, Change Management, Approval Console, Dashboards.Use of Solution:I've used it for almost 9 years now.Deployment Issues:We've had no issues with deployment.Stability Issues:We've had no issues with stability.Scalability Issues:We've had no issues with scalability.Customer Service:Customer service is a 9 out of 10.Technical Support:Technical support is a 9 our of 10.Implementation Team:The system on our end is home-grown, which is used for consulting mostly to online and remote clients.ROI:I think that the ROI is perfect with the pricing/licensing concept.Other Advice:You can implement it with customizations per your requirements as it's a flexible product.Disclaimer: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer:We have a support contract with BMC, which is renewed yearly.
Date published: 2016-02-21
Rated 3 out of 5 by from It has ETL tools that support seamless integration and data load activities, reducing the timelines to deliver. At times, on some consoles, forms are loaded with too much information. Valuable Features:BMC products have been built over the years to make them highly stable and scalable, inline with the ITIL best practice.The best part about these products is that it can be easily twisted and tweaked without compromising any of the underlining fundamental components, adding immense value to customers, vendors and partners.BMC Software provides ETL tools that support seamless integration and data load activities, reducing the timelines to deliver.Improvements to My Organization:ETL tools have helped automating the foundation data, CI and SLM data load process significantly reducing daily manual task.SRM helped fast track On-boarding of Employees and fulfilment of user request.BMC Remedy on-demand framework is highly scalable to support on boarding of more than 400 Customers at a time.BMC Remedy applications like IM, PM, CM, AM are extremely robust and are fundamental to provide support for IT infrastructure.Room for Improvement:Did come across few hiccups around some product documentation not available or not very useful or not enough support available or may be a utility not working as desired, however, these were not show stoppers and we managed to work our way around these. I will recommend good fall back in terms of very well documented products and utilities, and strong technical support.At times, some consoles, forms are loaded with too much information and for the user it can get confusing, suggest take "Less is more" approach and make them intuitive and easy to use.Use of Solution:I have been implementing, customizing and integrating BMC products for the past 10 years.Deployment Issues:Deployment issues have been encountered like compatibility issues of ITSM and SLM. Similarly issues of installing Analytics with BO on Red hat Linux platform.Stability Issues:BMC products are quite stable.Scalability Issues:BMC products are quite scalable.Technical Support:Customer service and technical support is exceptionally good in some cases and will certainly need improvements in some areas of concern. For ex. When we were trying to resolve issues regarding installation of BO on Red Hat, support from third party Vendor was very poor, and Customer was really concerned about the progress of installation.Previous Solutions:None other than BMC remedy.Initial Setup:Initial setup is quite straightforward. You follow all the steps recommended and voila, you system is ready for use.Implementation Team:We had an in-house team for implementation.Other Advice:For any project to be successful, everything should be meticulously planned and executed. Communication and collaboration with all the stakeholders is essential. Requirements and scope should be well defined and documented. Solution design should be optimal. One needs a great team with appropriate skill set for implementation. Check points should be well defined and system should be thoroughly tested before handing it over to the Customer. Post deployment support and documentation are important for smooth transition.Disclaimer: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer:I previously work for BMC.
Date published: 2016-02-21
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