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Arcserve Backup Application Module - Enterprise Maintenance Renewal (1 year) - 1 license

Mfg # MASBR000MRWAPME12C CDW # 5745412
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  • Enterprise Maintenance Renewal (1 year)
  • Arcserve OLP
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Magnetic tape storage has been a feature of the data center since the very earliest days of computing. Reel-to-reel tapes have evolved into high-capacity tape cartridges, boasting exceptional durability that continues to earn them a place in over half of today's hybrid data centers. Arcserve does tape backup differently with unique technologies that improve the economies of data protection by enabling longer retention periods, reducing storage, and integrating powerful deduplication into your existing backup environment. Store critical data on nearly any tape device, from a single tape drive to huge tape libraries. Manage more data in more locations. Arcserve Backup is a comprehensive storage management solution for distributed and multiplatform environments that can backup and restore data. It offers complete control and visibility from one management console, whether supporting small-scale or large-scale enterprise environments across different platforms and organizations. Once installed, you're able to create, manage and monitor Arcserve Backup jobs from one central location. Jobs are submitted on the primary server and can be run either locally on the primary server itself, or remotely on any of the associated member servers. Perform job operations such as backup, restore, merge, scan, migrate, copy, compare, and so on for all servers from the primary server. Monitor the job status of from the central job queue. Central database management is easy with all jobs, sessions and media information stored in the centralized database. In addition, a central catalog file is created with descriptive information about each session and allows you to select the specific files and directories to be restored without having to query the database itself. When data needs to be restored, Arcserve Backup can quickly browse the content of each session in the catalog file from a single central location to locate the information. With central reporting, you can launch and create scheduled reports for all servers in a domain from the primary server. Schedule, preview, print or email reports for all domain servers from the primary server.
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Arcserve Backup Application Module - Enterprise Maintenance Renewal (1 year) - 1 license

This Item: Arcserve Backup Application Module - Enterprise Maintenance Renewal (1 year) - 1 license


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