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CDW Creating Master Custom Image – Desktop or Notebook


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CDW Creating Master Custom Image – Desktop or Notebook

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This SCOPE OF ENGAGEMENT (“SOE”), together with the Agreement between the CDW entity selling the Services described herein (“Seller”) and the customer ordering such Services (“Customer”) shall be deemed to be a contract upon Seller’s acceptance of Customer’s order.

Includes the following tasks:
• A single system image will be created using customer’s software.
• The master image will be built by an advanced team of certified imaging specialists and thoroughly tested before it is cleared for deployment.
• The operating system will be installed onto a system and verified for functionality onto a cleanly formatted drive with the appropriate storage controller driver.
• The latest drivers available from the machine manufacturer’s website will be installed.
• The software applications that have been requested to be included on the image will be installed and configured as specified.
• Any OS and/or software application’s critical updates or patches will be applied as requested.
• The custom operating system settings or configurations will be applied as specified by documentation provided to our team.
• Any additional user accounts will be created as specified.
• The cleanup and finalization steps will be taken once the image has been completed such as clearing the recently opened documents, emptying the recycling bin and defragmenting the hard drive.
• The image will be sealed with Microsoft Sysprep with your custom sysprep.inf (answer file) upon request.
• The completed image will be deployed to a system and inspected for software errors.
• The instruction sets are individually created for each image to ensure that the unique configuration is carried out the same way each time the image is deployed.
• All custom master images undergo a series of quality control steps to verify they were updated and configured to the customer’s exact specifications.
• All outdated or unused images will be archived for future use and stored for one year. After one year of storage, they will be deleted from our database.

Includes the following tasks:
• Customer will provide the licensed software thru the following methods:
- Licensed media that is purchased on same order.
- Media-less licensed key (MLK), where applicable.
• Image creation questionnaire must be completed to create custom image prior to deploying. Please consult your assigned account manager for form.
• A filed CDW Indemnity Agreement is required. (link:

• The OS and software application(s) must be supported by the hardware manufacturer.
• Seller will have the image uploaded and stored on secure imaging servers.
• Seller’s Account Manager will create a single order with a single system to receive custom master image and shipped to customer for review/approval.
• Seller’s Account Manager will create install configuration and include service EDC(s).
• Seller’s Account Manager will enter specific image name to deploy and any additional instructions in to the Installation notes on the order.

• Installation of additional hardware components.
• Any performance tuning, system optimization or similar activities.
• Performing any Services not specified herein.

The fees due under this SOE include fees for Services and related expenses, as specified in the applicable order.

• Any changes to this SOE shall require a Change Order executed by both parties.

Each party will appoint a person to provide approvals/decisions (“Contact Person”).

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CDW Creating Master Custom Image – Desktop or Notebook

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