CDW Installing Custom PDA Image

Mfg.Part: CUSTINTEG | CDW Part: 379370
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CDW Installing Custom PDA Image
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Eligible Products:
•    Any licensed operating system and licensed software application that can be imaged and is supported by the hardware manufacturer.
•    A filed CDW Indemnity Agreement is required.

Service Scope:
1)    A single handheld system will be imaged using customer’s image.
2)    The handheld system required for install will be unboxed.
3)    The image is uploaded and stored on secure imaging server.
4)    The image is processed and tested by an advanced team of imaging specialists before they are cleared for deployment.
5)    The instruction sets are individually created for each image to ensure that the unique configuration is carried out the same way each time the image is deployed.
6)    The handheld system will be thoroughly inspected for physical damage or blemishes.
7)    The handheld system will be powered on and inspected for hardware compatibility and software errors.
8)    The image is verified after installation to ensure that the image load was successful.
9)    The manufacturer preinstalled components will be tested for compatibility and functionality.
10)    If a defective system is discovered, it will be replaced from CDW’s inventory.
11)    All image configuration orders undergo a series of quality control steps to verify the orders were configured to the customer’s exact specifications.
12)    All outdated or unused images are archived for future use, never deleted.
13)    The successfully imaged handheld system will be re-boxed for shipment.