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CDW will maintain your custom PC image to ensure service packs, driver updates, critical updates, and other changes can be applied to your hosted image. This will guarantee that your PC image is up to date when your organization is ready to deploy new units.

Scope of Work

i.    Images are uploaded and stored on secure imaging servers
ii.    Drivers and software can be updated and/or patches applied for existing applications on the Image.
a.    If additional applications need to be installed, EDC 076056 will be required per application
iii.    Images are updated as requested and tested by an advanced team of imaging specialists before they are cleared for deployment
iv.    Instruction sets are individually created for each image to ensure that the unique configuration is carried out the same way each time the image is deployed.
v.    Updated image will be deployed to a systems and inspected for software errors
vi.    All images undergo a series of quality control steps to verify they were updated and configured to the customer’s exact specifications
vii.    All outdated or unused images are archived for future use, never deleted.
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