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Chrome Enterprise Upgrade unlocks the built-in business capabilities of ChromeOS.

 Advanced Security

  • Lost and stolen prevention - Stop data theft by remotely disabling devices that have been lost or stolen.

  • Persistent enrollment - Ensure devices are enrolled in management, even if the device is factory reset.

  • Application verified access - Allow third-party applications to understand the managed state of a device as a requirement to provide a service.

  • Login controls - Block employees from logging into managed ChromeOS devices with unauthorized accounts.

  • Ephemeral mode - Guarantee user data is wiped from the device upon session log out.

 Granular Device Controls

  • Enable and disable device policies - Enable and disable device policies, or keep the policies set to preset defaults with confidence.

  • Configure local and network printers - Configure user and printer settings, including adding and removing printers for all users or specific groups.

  • Set up networks and proxies - Set up Wi-Fi and VPN networks, ethernet, and network certificates for managed devices enrolled in your organization.

  • Manage client certificates - Manage and provision user and device certificates for authentication of internal web resources.

  • Control OS and feature updates - Choose to roll out updates gradually or automatically with the added option for the long-term support (LTS) channel. 

 Device Reporting and Insights

  • Analyze reports of your ChromeOS devices to gather valuable fleet and usage information. Report types include 7-day active metrics, Boot mode, Devices count by version, Device release channel, OS version policy compliance, Auto expiration (AUE) report.

Scalable, Cloud-based Management

  • Google Admin console - Use the Google Admin console to set over 500+ policies, including accessibility controls, network file shares, print controls, auto-update settings, guest sessions, and more. 

  • Native Azure AD integration - Provide end users with a familiar login experience that integrates directly with existing Active Directory infrastructure.

  • Advanced SAML SSO - Enable end users to seamlessly log into their device and applications with SAML SSO integration.

  • Third-party UEM - Set policies and remotely orchestrate your devices with industry-leading UEM providers.

  • Chrome Policy API - Manage Chrome policies at scale with custom scripts using the Chrome Policy API.

  • Chrome Management Telemetry API - Monitor the operation and health of ChromeOS devices using the Chrome Management Telemetry API.


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