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The Incapsula SIEM integration solution allows enterprises access to their website security information without needing to interface with a separate UI.

In addition to providing all of the enterprise's security information on its existing SIEM, the solution also interprets raw data to highlight anomalies in traffic patterns.

Crucially, these anomalies can be used as early warnings of a larger attack, as perpetrators frequently execute minor attacks before launching the main assault - just to see how the target responds to different attack vectors.

Imperva SIEM integration exposes these kinds of "pre-attacks", providing enterprises a decisive head start in preventing DDoS attacks and other security events.
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  • Subscription license renewal (1 year)
  • 20 Mbps
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Imperva Incapsula SIEM Integration - subscription license renewal (1 year)

This Item: Imperva Incapsula SIEM Integration - subscription license renewal (1 year)


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