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CDW-G is pleased to partner with Calvin College to provide Calvin students and staff special pricing on their on-line catalog. Click on the links below to begin browsing. If you have questions, feel free to speak with your CDW-G account manager, Christopher Grant at chrigra@cdw.com or 877.752.3914
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Calvin College MHEC/Enterasys Master Price Ag
MARKET Epson BrighterFUTURES Printers & Scanners
MHEC Xerox Agreement National IPA Technology Solutions Education
National IPA Panasonic REMC Software 2012

Symantec Academic
School Owned Computers - Licensing Level S (1+)
School Owned Computers - Licensing Level H (250+)
If you have specific questions about products or other information found on this page, please call 877-752-3914 to speak to an Account Manager