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Product Reviews
Rated 4 out of 5 by 36reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by We were able to shorten the delivery of data visualization and analysis projects. Valuable Features:* Ease of use* Efficiency* Integration with sources* Amazing way to view your dataImprovements to My Organization:Data visualization and analysis used to take much longer; we were able to shorten the delivery of the projects by 60%.Room for Improvement:I would like to see improvement in licensing. It is expensive to provide licenses beyond the 10 we already have.Use of Solution:I have been using it for four years.Deployment Issues:Our deployment issues are related to cost.Stability Issues:No, very stable productScalability Issues:Yes. licensing costs are an issueTechnical Support:Technical support is 9/10.Previous Solutions:We didn’t have a data vis solution beyond Excel and MSRS before. I used Spotfire in my business school work.Initial Setup:Initial setup was straightforward. I created a data mart, plugged in Tableau and started creating dashboards.Implementation Team:A vendor team implemented it. Implementation was pretty straightforward – but our data was cleaned and well thought through. I would say, 80% of time should be spent on designing your data mart (if that’s the route you are taking) with clean data and valid data sources.ROI:We haven’t calculated ROI, but we know that we shortened the delivery timeline by 60%.Cost and Licensing Advice:Make sure you plan it into the 5 year plan - how many licenses you will need, etc.Other Solutions Considered:When time came to select a tool for my work, I did thorough research. I downloaded trial versions of both products and selected Tableau based on my user experience and the ratings (Gartner quadrant).Other Advice:Beware of licensing costs, but it shouldn’t deter anyone from using this product. Even if you just use Tableau desktop to provide static data vis’s, it’s worth it.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions. December 21, 2016
Rated 4 out of 5 by The ease of blending data from multiple sources has allowed us to bring a different level of questions to the meeting table. Valuable Features:The data blending capabilities is a huge factor for our team. The ease of blending data from multiple sources has allowed us to generate new insight and bring a different level of questions to the meeting table. The type of dashboards we have been able to create have made it easier for individuals who are not use to looking at data to navigate and drill into their own material to find answers or ask questions they never thought to ask in the first place.Improvements to My Organization:We’ve been able to replace several manual spreadsheet reports that took hours for individuals to complete. With Tableau Server and some automation processes put in place, those reports are now automatically delivered to the end users, saving time and money. We can also develop reports much faster than in the past plus provide an interface to a database which in the past might not of been used as much due to the lack of technical skills to write the queries.Room for Improvement:Formatting controls could use some improvement. We’ve found that to be the most confusing part of developing reports, at least until you get use to where all the controls are at and how to use them. Ideally, making a user-friendly interface for formatting the worksheets and dashboards would be a big improvement and time saver. Recent version upgrades have added some new features such as being able to change the format for your entire workbook all at once. Still a work in progress though.Use of Solution:I have used it for eight years and sever administrator for 2 years.Deployment Issues:Deployment and stability have been flawless so far. We’ve not encountered a data set that has slowed the software down and we use records with millions of rows. There is no clear-cut line of determining when best to consider switching over to an enterprise-wide model vs. per license, so there could be a better way of informing their customers on when to flip that switch.Stability Issues:We have never experienced an issue with the server software or any technical problems with the desktop or interactor licenses.Scalability Issues:Once others in the company start seeing what it can do they immediately ask what needs to happen so they can get a license. We started down the path of looking at core enterprise licensing but were told the company is moving away from that model and sticking with a per user/license structure. Depending on how many in the company want to start using the software plus needing the additional interactor license to access the server the purchases can add up quickly.Customer Service:Very little need to contact their customer service but when I did they were professional and quick to respond.Technical Support:Both customer service and technical support have been excellent. Sales reps have been very nice to work with and you don’t end up with that used car salesmen feel. In fact, we typically meet with our reps about 3-4 times a year and have been extremely supportive.Previous Solutions:No - most of our reporting was done between MS Excel and MS Access.Initial Setup:Setup was extremely easy. Essentially a plug-and-play right out of the box.Implementation Team:We implemented it in-house. Implementation was easy in comparison to other systems we’ve worked on in the past. QA testing was seamless and found no integration issues.ROI:We’ve found quite a bit of savings using Tableau, based on the time it takes to develop ad-hoc reports, changes in process due to new insights and report automation.Cost and Licensing Advice:Best advice on pricing is to anticipate the desire for more licenses once the results of this product are acknowledged in other parts of your company. Note that for others to interface with a published report on your server, they need what’s called an interactor license. We acquired several guest interactor licenses in order to lend out to departments so they can see the benefit of accessing their reports on the server vs. static reports. This encourages them to purchase their own interactor licenses or at least plan to purchase when preparing their budgets for the following year.Other Solutions Considered:We evaluated several potential software systems such as Visier, Lumira, and Qlik, but found Tableau the easiest to use for individuals who did not need to have a programming background. Plus, the freedom to develop from a blank canvas with data that could be from any corner of the company appealed more to our team than working with a set of canned metrics to one specific department.Other Advice:The annual Tableau customer conference is a huge learning opportunity for new and seasoned users alike. The week-long conference provides a large number of workshops to help increase your skills and many of these sessions are hands-on training. Also a great way to network with other users and see how they are using Tableau.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions. December 14, 2016
Rated 3 out of 5 by It is easier to communicate ideas to people who are more visual in their thinking. It over-uses custom calculations to do simple format and other changes. Valuable Features:* Ease of creating visually appealing charts and dashboards* Large user communityImprovements to My Organization:It is easier to communicate ideas to people in marketing who are more visual in their thinking.Room for Improvement:It over-uses custom calculations to do simple format and other changes. This is time consuming, compared to the actual chart making and holds up the enjoyable process of data discovery.Use of Solution:I have been using it for 18 months.Scalability Issues:Obviously, it is not very scalable with large data sets. Hence, it becomes slow and clunky when large data sets are introduced.Customer Service:7 out of 10. They are helpful but SLAs can be better.Technical Support:I rate the level of customer service and technical support 7/10.Previous Solutions:Qliktech. We switched because the licensing strategy they used was not useful. It was a per dashboard license which means that if we develop several different dasbhoards the solution was becoming too expensive.Initial Setup:Set up is intuitive and instructions on using it are adequate.Implementation Team:An in-house team implemented it. I have no special advice.ROI:At the moment, we have not worked out ROI; it is definitely more productive than using Excel.Other Solutions Considered:Tableau is more GUI based and intuitive. I don't like to code and this does away with a lot of what its competitors force you to do.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions. December 14, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by We use it for supply chain analytics for information on orders, bookings, landed costs freight analytics, and partner scores. Valuable Features:Tableau is easy to use. It provides us with faster development and deployment. It also produces impressive graphs and charts.Improvements to My Organization:We make heavy use of supply chain analytics to analyze information on orders, bookings, landed costs freight analytics, partner scores, etc.Room for Improvement:We would like to see more advanced data science capabilities like predictive analysis and advanced linear regression.Tableau also lacks native financial functions. Also, we would like to see integration with native Hadoop and some standard reporting capabilities beyond the dashboard.Use of Solution:We have been using Tableau 9.3 for three years, and are currently beta testing 10.0.Deployment Issues:We have not experienced any issues with deployment.Stability Issues:We have not experienced any issues with stability.Scalability Issues:We have not experienced any issues with scalability.Technical Support:I rate the technical support as excellent.Previous Solutions:We previously used Enterprise standard.Initial Setup:The initial setup is simple and straightforward.Implementation Team:We built the implementation in house.ROI:Pricing is costly when compared to products like Microsoft Power BI. Also, the licensing should be more general.Other Advice:Go ahead and use Tableau.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions. November 30, 2016
Rated 3 out of 5 by If you're evaluating Tableau as a potential data visualization solution, consider these points. I've been working between Tableau and Qlikview (depending on use case) and have been jotting down Pros and Cons of each as I come across them. Many of these, but not all, are centered around some fairly specific UI functionality and limitations that I've come across while trying to deliver on various dashboard solutions. If you're evaluating Tableau as a potential data visualization solution, some of these points might help with your evaluation, or at least I'm hoping so! One caveat I will apply to the "Cons" section is some of these may in fact be resolved in the latest version, or may be achieved through some means that I'm just not aware of (though I do generally research pretty extensively before throwing in the towel).Pros/Strengths* Multi-dimension Graphs, side by side bars* Formulas/Calculations are a familiar structure to many (IF..THEN.. ELSE)* Visualization attributes: Marks – Color, Size, Label, etc.. Easily Accessible and Intuitive* Very good Geo/Mapping capabilities* Built in Table Calculations (% of Total, Rank, etc..)* Publish to PDF. Despite trying to encourage users to interact with the live tool, there seems to always be some need for this.* Story Creation for presentations.* Free Tableau Reader – You can create ‘Packaged Workbooks’ and those with Reader can open the file and manipulate the dashboard. (No ability to refresh the data)* Easy Cube Connection. QlikView does not have this.* Tool Tips (Hovers). Easy to add all kinds of additional data to hovers.* Adaptive sizing based on display resolution. Also something Qlikview does not do - you must develop for particular display size/dimensions.* Drag and Drop Hierarchy creationCons* Small multiples (a.k.a. Trellis charts) are possible only through very hacky means* Sparkline Tables are not supported. There are tutorials on how to accomplish this, but as with small multiples, it is hacky and limited.* Heavy data prep needed. Blending within the tool is clunky and causes performance hit.* Sorting on joined data requires hacks.* Actions must be created to drive each interaction, and will not work across joined data* No easy ‘Clear’ to remove applied filters and/or Exclusions/Keep Only, which makes it sometimes easy to lose sight of how exactly the data has been filtered.* Combo charts unavailable without Date dimensions* Dynamic column headers/aliases difficult and hacky. I find this limitation particularly frustrating. Example use case: I have two columns - Current Month, & Previous Month. As these will always be dynamic, I want them instead to display the actual Month as it changes (e.g. Apr-2016, Mar-2016).* Can’t format a single measure column in a table (e.g. make one bold or conditional format)* Image thumbnails in tables not supported. In my last two roles this has been a fairly large impediment. I'm likely not the only one. Qlikview, SSRS, & Even MS Powerview are able to support this.* Large Table reports with many filters (our case was 14 columns, 300K rows, and about 8 quick filters) to narrow the data set – Don’t bother! It will be excruciatingly slow even on the server. Tableau will likely say this is not what it is intended for anyway (it's a Data Viz tool, not a Report tool), which is fair, but sometimes it's necessary as part of a larger solution.Any questions, or comments? All feedback is welcome.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions. November 21, 2016
Rated 4 out of 5 by Best for Visual Analytics. Needs improvements for enterprise BI. Valuable Features:Tableau excels at data visualization and exploration. Terminologies such as a "sheet" are similar to the concept of a worksheet in Excel. Connection to most databases are supported out of the box. These factors keeps the learning curve short for business users. Charts in Tableau are rendered using visualization grammar called VizQL. This enables creating unique and out-of-box charts such as lollipop, sankey, sunburst, etc. The charts you can build in Tableau is only limited by your creativity. In addition, it is relatively to easy build interactivity and pass parameters in your dashboards so you can drill in and progressively reveal more details as the user interacts with data.Improvements to My Organization:Tableau has empowered the business users to get answers to their data questions without relying on IT teams. Rather than following build, wait, and iterate cycle, business teams are able to analyze the data much more quickly and identify opportunities for efficiency and revenue generation. Prior to the adoption of Tableau, data was present in multiple spreadsheet; thus, there was a lack of "single source of truth". This problem was resolved by using "Published Data Sources" residing on Tableau Server.Room for Improvement:Many areas for improvement are in Enterprise features. Some of which are:1. A private folder on the server for a user to store his/her files.2. A built-in tool for deployment and migration between multiple Tableau Server environments.3. Ability to share a "database connection" between multiple Tableau data sources so that one change to connection information will be reflected in multiple data sources which share that connection.4. Email distribution: Delivering analytics via emails on enterprise scale is difficult.Areas for improvement in Visual Analytics:1. Blending improvements: Slow performance when two sources are blended together on a high cardinality dimension. Blending does not support full outer join and does not allow using non-additive measures ( e.g. count distinct, average) from secondary data sources.Use of Solution:Four years. Ten years in BI.Deployment Issues:In my experiences, Tableau deployment has been straightforward when deploying self contained dashboards (called packaged workbooks). However, you need to follow multiple steps to deploy a dashboard to your production server from your development environments.Stability Issues:Tableau (both Desktop + Server) is one of most stable software I have worked with.Scalability Issues:Scalability in Tableau depends on many factors such as server configuration, networking, and workbook design. In my experience, the single biggest factor that affects scalability is the dashboard design. Excessive use of quick filters, multiple data sources blended together, long conditional expressions impact scalability. Reading "Designing efficient workbooks" whitepaper is extremely helpful. If your dashboards follow the best practices, it is possible to accomplish near-linear scalability by scaling your Tableau Server horizontally or vertically for large number of concurrent users.Customer Service:Tableau customer service is very helpful and responsive. Both the customer service and technical support are integrated into their customer portal.Technical Support:Tableau technical support is very professional and responsive. Many questions are answered in 1-2 business days depending on the severity. However, specific questions such as improving performance fall outside their scope. Thankfully, the Tableau community is one of the most engaged, knowledgeable, and helpful community. If you have a question that is not already answered by the community (very rare), you are guaranteed to receive a response within a few hours.Previous Solutions:Yes. I have prior experience with SAP Business Objects, Lumira, Sisense, as well as javascript charting tools such as Highcharts, D3JS, etc. The biggest reason for switching are: ease of use, agility to deliver insightful answers from your data, and large number of chart types.Initial Setup:Initial setup was very straightforward involving running the installer program. I did not run into any issues with multiple versions of Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server.Implementation Team:All of my implementation have been in-house working closely with IT team.Cost and Licensing Advice:Tableau pricing is competitive with the other options available in the market.Other Solutions Considered:Yes. We evaluated Microstrategy v10, Sisense, SAP Business Objects.Other Advice:Before committing to Tableau, it is helpful to list the top problems you are trying to resolve. If most of your needs are in operational business intelligence, you might want to evaluate other tools in addition to Tableau. If you want to analyze data, discover insights, communicate your story with data, or impress your customers with great visualizations, Tableau is by far the best tool.For a successful Tableau adoption it is very important to have strong business user support and understanding the importance of data-driven decisions. Without the business user engagement, Tableau is just another tool.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions. November 1, 2016
Rated 4 out of 5 by The drag-and-drop interface and its flexibility are the product's most valuable features. Valuable Features:The drag-and-drop interface and its flexibility are the product's most valuable features.Improvements to My Organization:It requires only a one-time effort to design worksheets and dashboards. New data can be appended or a whole new set in the same data structure can be loaded to existing working files without much effort to obtain the same results.Room for Improvement:I would like to see more Excel-like functionalities, perhaps, e.g. the countifs function. It is quite a hassle to code this using query language.Use of Solution:I have used Tableau for around one year.Deployment Issues:Hassle-free deployment for desktop version.Stability Issues:Initial versions crashed when large data sets were loaded. Subsequent releases were more stable.Technical Support:Technical support is excellent. Tableau consultants were eager to help.Previous Solutions:We chose Tableau for its simplicity and ease of use.Initial Setup:For the desktop version, initial setup was straightforward.Implementation Team:The straightforward installation can be performed in-house.Cost and Licensing Advice:A non-complicated licensing scheme exists for the desktop version. Buy, activate and use. Licensing was easily manageable with a license key that could be activated or deactivated on a system as required.Other Advice:Try it out to see if it suits your organisational needs. To make the product work as desired, know how it works and implement workaround solutions if that is not readily available.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions. October 23, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by Easily the most user-friendly (particularly for non-technical users) BI Tool I’ve ever used. Valuable Features:Extraordinary ease of use, easier to use than any competitor product I’ve used in 15 years or so I’ve worked on MI/BI ( https://www.itcentralstation.com/categories/business-intelligence-tools ).Since I originally wrote this, I have found the mapping on Tableau has been extremely useful and easy to use, particularly that it includes very good geocoding for the UK. In terms of the UK, the support and community here is also exceptional and I know that I don't have to trawl through sites endlessly to find solutions, the community is one of the strongest I've seen thus far in BIImprovements to My Organization:Speed of data discovery and accelerated our ability to remodel our data and improve our existing ETL processes.Room for Improvement:Expansion of number of visualisations, as well as potential for straight to dashboard function, rather than design individual visualisation – these are, however, genuinely not priority to amend.Having used another software for a reasonable period of time, I wonder about the chances of incorporating other languages, such as d3.js in future releases (NB I'm still using 8.3)Use of Solution:~2 yearsDeployment Issues:This was a Proof of Concept rather than full roll-out.Stability Issues:No, but important to note it was PoC.Scalability Issues:No, but important to note it was PoC.Customer Service:Excellent.Technical Support:Exceptional, probably the best user community I’ve ever seen in nearly 15 years of working in MI/BI/Analytical roles.Previous Solutions:Currently use an alternative provider, looking to switch to a newer more empowering piece of software, an alternative to Tableau was selected at a Global CIO level.Initial Setup:Extremely simple. Download a package, enter a key post purchase and that’s it. Very easy.Implementation Team:Vendor team – they had (and indeed have) significant knowledge of the product and continue to share best practice tips and knowledge through their e-publications.Cost and Licensing Advice:Standard software license cost to setup initially and an optional maintenance fee which include version upgrades. On balance, the costs of software balance nicely against the user experience because you probably wouldn’t need to spend a great deal on training as the product is straightforward to use.Other Solutions Considered:Evaluated numerous different BI tools, including but not restricted to Cognos, Jaspersoft, Pentaho, Tibco Spotfire.Other Advice:Assess the scalability using the Server set up, engage users of the tool independently through the Tableau Community for their ideas and advice on the pro’s and con’s of the tool. Even the biggest evangelists will be honest enough to tell you where it doesn’t meet their expectations.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions. October 7, 2016
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