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CDW AWS Managed Services for Hybrid Cloud Environments

Pair our full lifecycle of AWS managed services with our on-premises managed services to make the most of your hybrid cloud deployment.

CDW continues to embrace our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) while expanding our best-in-class on-premises managed services. This is important, as many of our customers leverage the hybrid infrastructure model — a combination of traditional on-premises hardware, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) verses using a private or public cloud). The hybrid cloud model allows our customers to leverage their existing on-premises investments while taking advantage of the flexibility and scalability of AWS.

CDW has more than 20 years of experience as a Managed Services Provider (MSP) and more than 50,000 devices under management. Our dedicated MSP engineers handle over 30,000 incidents per month. With this expertise, CDW has the knowledge and skill set to support our customers’ platform workloads in the environment which best meet the organizations’ needs.

The entire IT world is quickly realizing the distinct advantage of just how elastic AWS can be through the provisioning of cloud infrastructure in a matter of minutes compared to weeks or months for on-premises hardware. Cloud infrastructure translates to a robust, scalable pay-as-you-go model with no upfront fees or commitments.

Cloud computing has multiple advantages over traditional on-premises data center infrastructure. Provisioning and maintaining on-prem infrastructure requires considerable time and resources, both financial and technical. In comparison, many of these provisioning processes can be handled instantaneously using AWS-enabling technical resources to focus on other areas of greater value. 

Another advantage that AWS cloud services bring is the speed and agility of DevOps in the cloud. Traditional on-premises DevOps are typically siloed organizations (i.e., distinct application development and infrastructure operations teams). By comparison, AWS allows DevOps teams to be tightly coupled, which brings efficiency. At CDW, our operations staff, professional services consulting team and development engineers are engaged with each other throughout the entire cloud services lifecycle, from design to migration to production support.

A major part of an MSP’s role for traditional on-site services revolves around monitoring, patching and security. In traditional on-premises environments, these tasks can be extremely time-consuming, which limits an IT staff’s bandwidth for more strategic activities. These tasks may also lead to scheduled downtime to perform. In the cloud, many of these tasks can be automated using robust tools, patching on the fly and real-time security monitoring.

At CDW, we have embraced cloud automation to provision AWS infrastructure as part of our enrollment procedures. Leveraging tools such as AWS CloudFormation, AWS Step Functions, AWS Lambda and Python scripts, CDW can establish new AWS services for a customer in minutes. This includes provisioning infrastructure and the creation of automated billing and cost management with just a few clicks.

CDW believes in next-generation MSP principals by doing more than just managing resources. We are involved in the full lifecycle of services, which consists of design, build and/or migrate, run, manage and continual optimization.

CDW offers AWS services ranging from backup planning and integration to “Jumpstart” onboarding, cloud migration and assessments of existing on-premises environments. CDW has the resources ready to support your organization. Through our cloud migration planning tool and expert cloud engineers, CDW can provide the expertise to evaluate your on-premises environment and make recommendations on the best way to adopt AWS solutions for your enterprise workload needs.

Contact your CDW account manager, or call 800.800.4239 to learn more about CDW’s AWS managed services and how we can help your organization leverage AWS to reduce development time and take advantage of the many benefits of a hybrid infrastructure.

Optimize your infrastructure with AWS Cloud Services from CDW.