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Innovative Technology Transforms Classrooms and Personalizes Learning

Integrating digital tools into reimagined classroom spaces is powerfully changing the way students learn and teachers teach.
  • December 06, 2017
Capitalizing on the latest technologies to create personalized learning environments for students of varying abilities and learning styles empowers educators to improve student engagement, critical skill-building and achievement.

The key is to take a holistic approach to redesigning classrooms, media centers, maker spaces, common areas and more, thoughtfully integrating digital tools from mobile devices and apps to audiovisual equipment and e-learning platforms. 

The right furniture also matters, with reconfigurable chairs, desks and tables, adjustable sit-stand desks and writable surfaces all contributing to active learning. And, of course, reliable and ubiquitous connectivity is a must-have to enable anywhere, anytime innovation and collaboration. 

Check out our Solution Spotlight to learn more about smart strategies for creating technology-driven personalized learning environments.

CDW has the expertise and experience to help you orchestrate technology solutions that greatly expand opportunities for your students to learn, collaborate and achieve.
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