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A How-To Guide for an AI-Ready Device Refresh

Unlock AI opportunities with Intel® Core™ and CDW

CDW Expert CDW Expert

CDW can help you start taking advantage of Intel’s most advanced mobile processor, Intel Core Ultra — delivering the world’s best AI experience on a laptop.

It’s just about unanimous: 98% of executives say AI models will play an important role in their organizations’ strategies in the next three to five years.1

Business and IT leaders know they can’t afford to miss out and must keep pace with AI’s remarkable rise if they want to stay competitive. Still, only 6% of organizations feel they have a robust and responsible AI foundation in place.2

Align a device refresh with AI strategy

By aligning a device refresh with a smart AI strategy, organizations can ensure they gain the significant productivity, collaboration and security improvements introduced by AI-optimized processing.

Devices with new Intel® Core™ Ultra processors are ushering in a new era of business computing. They power enhanced AI experiences, immersive graphics, advanced security and an optimal balance of battery life and performance.

Are you ready for the demands the era of AI will place on your fleet? CDW can help get you there, regardless of where you are on the journey today.

How to prepare devices for the AI era

Step up to Intel® Core™ Ultra processors

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AI-enhanced performance and optimization

More than 80% of companies believe AI could have a positive impact on productivity and collaboration.3 Businesses need a processor built for the unique demands of AI to fully experience the productivity gains in this new era.

Created for premium laptops, Intel Core Ultra delivers the world’s fastest ultra-thin processor and improves efficiencies through AI optimizations and built-in AI accelerators.

Up to


the graphics performance4*

Up to


faster AI inference performance4

Up to


faster video editing performance4

Up to


faster web browsing performance4
A group of business people working on laptops and having a discussion.
Closeup of hands typing on a laptop keyboard.

Expanded security at every level

A fleet’s cybersecurity features must be as sophisticated as the attacks that continue to evolve and expand — more than 8 in 10 organizations experienced a ransomware attack last year.5

PCs built on the Intel vPro® platform help protect users and data with a comprehensive suite of security technologies that expand coverage up and down the computing stack and reduce the attack surface. AI-powered security capabilities help detect ransomware, cryptojacking and software supply chain attacks before they happen.

Up to


boost in scanning performance with Intel® TDT4


of top ransomware attacks were detected by Intel® TDT while competitor systems found none4


lower risk of major PC-related security events on Intel-based PCs4


security team efficiencies on Intel-based PCs4
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Work-from-anywhere stamina and speed

With 52% of remote-capable employees in the U.S. now working on a hybrid model6 — and more than 90% of workers saying they want to be more connected to their colleagues7 — a modern device refresh would be remiss if it didn’t address these new realities.

Intel Core Ultra is Intel’s most advanced mobile processor ever, engineered specifically for on-the-go users. New AI-enhanced features focus on power efficiency to keep work going from anywhere, for as long as possible — plugged into a power source or not.

Up to


less power used for AI-enhanced collaboration4

Up to


less power consumed while idle4

Up to


longer battery life while watching video on DC power4*

Up to


longer battery life while using Microsoft Office applications on DC power4
Young African American man working on a laptop computer, sitting on a bench outside and holding a coffee cup.

How to ensure a seamless device refresh

Move to AI-ready technology with expert support

One out of every two organizations says the most challenging aspect of device lifecycle management is having outdated hardware that makes it difficult to integrate new technologies.8 Deploying AI-capable processors and devices now can help remedy similar concerns in the future while improving the employee experience and automating tasks.

CDW services meet you where you’re at

CDW can help you start taking advantage of the many benefits of Intel Core Ultra processors and the Intel vPro platform by meeting you at any stage of your device refresh. Our experts can assess your company’s unique needs and develop a tailored solution for maximum results.

Migrating to Windows 11

Intel Core Ultra processors and the Intel vPro platform have been optimized for Windows 11. Having a clear picture of your current state helps to create a migration plan that’s perfectly suited to your organization’s needs.


Readiness Assessment for Windows 11

We’ll create a detailed report on your environment’s compatibility and readiness for Windows 11, along with recommendations for next steps aligned to your ideal timeline and business continuity needs. CDW has the widest range of new Windows 11 devices powered by Intel Core Ultra processors and the Intel vPro platform.


Looking for deployment support

We can also deliver top-notch services for a Windows 11 pilot deployment and ongoing technical support from Microsoft experts.


Configuration and Technology Deployment

After a new device is properly configured, we test the devices and ensure everything is working as it should before it ships.


Managing a remote refresh

If new devices need to be sent out to remote employees or different office locations, it’s essential they’ve been prepared to be ready right out of the box.


Autopilot Remote Configuration

We can image the devices, install applications, and apply your custom settings and security policies with zero-touch for IT.

Active Management Technology

As a leading Intel partner, CDW can work on your behalf to implement Active Management Technology (AMT), which allows IT teams to remotely access, manage and remediate devices to prevent downtime, enhance security and boost productivity.


Retiring old devices

Proper asset disposition involves completely wiping devices of sensitive data and environmentally responsible recycling and disposal of e-waste.


IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Receive expert support managing end-of-product lifecycles and safely, securely and cost-effectively dispose of your old equipment.

How to get started today

Request a consultation

A CDW Intel expert will work with you to understand where you’re at in your device refresh and AI journeys and build a plan that works for your unique needs. No matter your business size, device type or budget, CDW will design, orchestrate and manage solutions that enable your team to do great work.
To unlock your AI opportunities with a seamless device refresh, take the first step today.

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*Intel® Arc™ Graphics delivers up to 2x performance of Iris® Xe LP graphics, showing a 2x generational leap. See (graphics) for details. Results may vary. Intel® Arc™ graphics only available on select Intel® Core™ Ultra H Series processor-powered systems with dual channel memory. OEM enablement required; check with OEM or retailer for system configuration details.


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