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Telehealth Innovation: Current Directions and Future Opportunities

Telehealth supports the delivery of healthcare, public health and health education services at a distance, and provides a collaborative platform for sharing knowledge and expertise and engaging communities in participatory research.
  • February 02, 2018
Telehealth reflects a dynamic and evolving field of practice in terms of applications, settings and users as a result of advances in underlying enabling technologies.

But for it to realize its full potential to transform healthcare delivery at the system level, a complete redesign of the care delivery process from a physical to a virtual model is required.

That’s why advancing research in areas of health service innovation and value creation will help to advance service business models that are critical for sustaining telehealth at scale.

Check out this white paper for a closer look at how telehealth represents both a model for care delivery and a business model for managing care.

CDW Healthcare has the expertise and experience to help you take full advantage of telehealth technology across your healthcare enterprise.
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