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November 15, 2023

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5G Speed Can Help State and Local Agencies Stay Better Connected

5G Speed Can Help State and Local Agencies Stay Better Connected

Thanks to the evolution of wireless communications, more people can stay better connected than ever before. There is a wide array of mobile devices connected all over the world. These mobile devices help industries in the private and public sector stay connected and offer a seamless connection to their customers and citizens.

Having the most up-to-date wireless network can help ensure seamless connectivity. Over the last couple of decades, wireless communications evolved from 1G to 4G, and even now to 5G speeds. This new evolution in wireless communications has been characterized by some as bringing on the next industrial revolution.

What Is 5G?

The capabilities of 5G speeds offer a world of possibilities for private and public organizations. It can impact transportation, healthcare and many other industries along state and local governments.

5G, with a more capable interface, has been designed to deliver faster multiple-Gbps data speeds and is able to reach higher frequencies. Its predecessor 4G could only reach low and mid frequencies and was not able to provide the reliability and bandwidth that 5G can now offer its users.

Benefits of 5G for State and Local Agencies

Everyone has come to expect quick access to information, especially if it affects where they live. State and local agencies understand this expectation and are now modernizing to better function and serve their citizens.

Implementing a 5G network can help agencies improve their services and the way they operate. 5G can give state and local agencies:

  • Enhanced connectivity: 5G offers faster speeds and lower latency. Having the ability to send and receive information in real time from cameras, sensors and other mobile devices will help state and local agencies accomplish tasks with ease. Having real-time information can be lifesaving in emergency situations. Knowing when a natural disaster is approaching, or staying in communication during an emergency is critical for serving the public when a crisis occurs. This and more can be accomplished with the speed and reliability offered by 5G.
  • Increased capacity: 5G can deliver higher speeds and connectivity to many more IoT devices. Having the capacity for a larger number of devices will be helpful when deploying smart city initiatives, traffic management, etc. Providing citizens with additional services and easier access points can bring more citizens to their area and keep citizens engaged with state and local agencies.
  • Increased bandwidth: 5G can offer faster upload and download speeds to its users. Having increased bandwidth facilitates large data transfers, enhanced video conferencing and media rich communications for state and local agencies. Agencies will have clearer images from traffic cameras and video conferences, and they will have clearer communications from radio personnel. All these improvements can help facilitate day-to-day operations for any state and local agency.  
  • Better transportation: 5G can support connected vehicles with their enhanced connectivity capabilities. Having reliable access to connected vehicles can help agencies manage traffic and help reduce congestion.

CDW·G’s dedicated experts are here to help you find the right 5G strategy for your state and local agency.

David Genton

Principal Engineer
David Genton is a principal engineer for CDW focused on enterprise network solutions for the public sector. He has over 25 years of experience in the industry and holds numerous industry certifications.

Ryan Humble

Sr. Solutions Architect
Ryan Humble has 20 years of experience in architecture, design, troubleshooting, implementing Intel, virtual, EUC and storage environments for customers across a variety of industries and government organizations.

Stephanie Richter

Solutions Architect
Stephanie Richter has established herself as a trusted advisor with over a decade of dedicated experience in the realm of sales and technical solution selling. She has played an instrumental role in executing a critical project involving the deployment of in-vehicle routers to police vehicles for a city agency.