State and Local IT Solutions

From prioritizing cybersecurity and public safety to modernizing data infrastructures and future-proofing technologies, finding the right state and local IT solutions can be daunting. CDW•G can help you implement the right technology solutions to meet your agency mission goals with over two decades of experience serving state and local governments. 

We can help you clear those technology hurdles in a way that meets the needs of your agency and helps you prepare for tomorrow's IT challenges.

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State and Local Solutions    

You don’t need to wait to start building a “city of tomorrow” – CDW•G will help you strategize and plan out an IT roadmap to modernize and future-proof your agency through cloud and data center infrastructure, as well as public safety solutions. 


Cloud services can help you quickly scale resources, secure and restrict user-access to sensitive data, or reduce costs through subscription-style pricing. CDW•G will work with you to tailor cloud services that meet your agency’s needs.

Data Center   

We can help you use advanced analytics to get better insights on your state and local operations, as well as support data distribution and management with data center modernization. CDW•G will help you build and manage a future-proof solution.    

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Public Safety and Smart Cities    

Keep your citizens safe by taking advantage of video technology, smart technologies and artificial intelligence. Whether you’re collecting and managing an influx of data or utilizing IoT devices to support your police force and help reduce crime, CDW•G can help protect your residents and build a smart city.    


Threats such as malware and ransomware, to breaches and persistent attacks, can severely impact your agency. These attacks could result in financial loss, reputation damage and downtime. Local and state governments can’t afford to face these dangers unprotected. We get that you need a holistic cybersecurity plan protect your data the face of new and evolving digital threats.

Election Security    

Digital threats that could compromise your elections are a persistent danger. Local and state governments face these concerns with additional hurdles, such as legacy technologies. CDW•G can tailor cybersecurity solutions to keep your elections secure.

Cybersecurity Solutions   

Working with CDW•G gives your state or local government access to a variety of cybersecurity solutions to protect against malware, ransomware and other potential attacks. Next-generation firewalls and email security tools keep you protected from incoming attacks, while endpoint security solutions analyze and identify malicious behavior before bad actors have a chance to attack. 

Building a Cybersecurity Plan

Cybersecurity is critical to protecting your agency and citizens. CDW•G will work with you to build a cybersecurity plan that delivers insight into potential threats and protection against malicious attackers for your state or local government. 

Internet of Things    

The Internet of Things can do more than answer questions and tell you the weather. IoT devices can help state and local governments take on smart city initiatives, increase efficiency and improve public safety.    

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Get solutions that fit your state or local municipality’s needs. From next-generation firewalls and security assessments to improving collaboration and modernizing your data center, CDW•G can help you achieve your state and local government goals. 

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