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State and Local IT Solutions

Citizens today expect to have quick and secure access in every digital interaction with public sector resources. To provide improved services, governments are navigating budgetary restraints, legacy systems and staffing issues. What’s missing? CDW·G has the turnkey strategy, an experienced workforce and the full breadth of technologies to help agencies achieve digital transformation in record time.

We can help you build a secure and dependable digital government that meets the needs of your agency and constituents, while preparing you for tomorrow's IT challenges.

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Transformational Government

From cities and townships to counties, whether elected or appointed, CIOs have one common concern. Optimizing and modernizing their legacy systems to keep up with the demands of the times. CDW•G will help digital services from coast to coast strategically build an IT roadmap to future-proof data center infrastructure, as well as assemble an IT disaster recovery framework for public safety solutions.

There is an overwhelming number of options, but CDW•G is here to ease the process of transforming your IT infrastructure. Our Solutions offerings include: 

• Application Modernization Assessment 
• Adobe DX  
• Staff Augmentation

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Data Center Optimization

State and local government agencies must optimize and consolidate their data to better serve their constituents. Applications need to scale rapidly, and users need fast, easy and secure access to resources and services that might exist across multiple agencies. Executing those requirements successfully can increase available online services for businesses and residents.

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Public Safety

Public safety agencies provide mission-critical services. Every aspect of their IT technology needs to be optimized to offer the best outcome under the most demanding conditions and time-critical situations.

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Security Solutions

State and local agencies face a series of challenges when it comes to their cybersecurity infrastructure, from budgeting constraints to complex solutions that span multiple technologies and environments. CDW•G offers an expansive set of solutions and services to overcome any of these challenges.

Explore NASCIO's Top 10 Priorities (PDF)

Election Security
Malicious actors scrutinize elections for gaps in infrastructure and processes. Having the most up to date security can prepare your jurisdiction for a digital threat. CDW•G can help tailor cybersecurity solutions to fit any of the needs to keep your elections secure.

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Identity and Access Management
CDW•G has the tools you need to keep your system secure and allow access to the right people for the right reasons. CDW•G can provide a robust identity management solution that includes a multi layered security strategy and approach.

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Threat Management Solutions
CDW•G has designed a deep-dive assessment that measures your network, applications and endpoints. This helps us thoroughly understand your threats and weaknesses so we can custom design end-to-end solutions that deter, detect and manage your environment.

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How Does CDW•G Stand Out?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
CDW•G’s extensive partnerships will ensure that our commitments will help you meet yours. We're committed to partnering with vendors and suppliers who bring diverse points of view. Those partnerships create a significant competitive advantage for CDW and our customers.

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CDW•G Contracts
CDW•G understands that you must meet the needs of the organization while also fulfilling regulatory compliance demands. Our customized contracts can include anything from individual products or services to complete, complex solutions.

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