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Extend Device Lifespan: 3 Must-Have Advantages of Opting for Longer Warranties

Discover how extended warranties are helping colleges and universities maximize their existing investments and enhance the education experience for students and instructors.

Due to reduced budgets, higher education institutions are exploring ways to save money. As a result, many are opting for longer-term warranties to extend device refresh cycles and reduce the frequency of computer purchases Instead of purchasing new devices every three years, you can buy four-year warranties and refresh every four years. This allows you to save on the cost of buying new devices, which can be around $1,000, by spending a couple hundred dollars on an additional year of warranty.

Warranty plans act as a strategic ally in protecting, maintaining and optimizing digital resources in higher education. These product protection plans are also an effective resource in providing key outcomes of a well-managed device ecosystem that includes cost savings and operational efficiency.

3 Advantages of Longer Device Warranties

Below are a few ways product protection plans with longer warranties can benefit colleges and universities, optimizing your device management programs and extending the life of your aging devices.

1.     Encourage uninterrupted learning and teaching

Extended device warranties enable uninterrupted learning and teaching. Students rely heavily on laptops for lectures, labs, study sessions and exams. Unlike occasional users, a student’s laptop may not have cooldown periods. Protection plans that offer a fourth year of coverage available to college students help ensure that devices stay up and running for majority of their experience.

Professors also benefit from longer warranties. Almost all colleges and universities provide their faculty members with devices, and reliable protection plans can ensure a smoother teaching experience. Extended warranties address potential issues like battery degradation, port failures or display glitches, minimizing distractions during critical academic periods.

Additionally, students who use their own devices can explore affordable extended warranty providers that can offer coverage for laptops, smartphones and other electronics. Universities can even collaborate with warranty providers to offer cost-effective options for students. Another benefit of this type of partnership is that device repairs can be made available on or near campus, helping to reduce downtime if a device is damaged.

Warranties that provide more robust accidental damage coverage, but have no environmental restrictions, can also support devices in high-risk settings, such as college campuses or shared living scenarios. Coverage for college students needs to allow for damages to be caused by anyone, not just the owner of the device. CDW Product Protection offers these accommodations.

Providing device protection enhances the overall experience for students and professors, giving them peace of mind along their academic journey. And with little downtime, students and educators can confidently engage in activities that are crucial to academic success.

2.     Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

A product protection plan can go a long way toward extending the life of aging devices. To get the most out of your technology investments, educational technology leaders must be proactive and think ahead, anticipating costs related to repairs. Identifying plans that don’t have service fees, wait periods or accidental damage restrictions is key to matching the right warranty with aging devices.

The appropriate product protection plan can lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) mainly because it serves as more than just repair services; it includes the cost of lost productivity when devices are out of service, maintenance expenses and even the cost of replacement in the event of a total loss. For example, CDW Product Protection offers alternatives that can help lower upfront costs. This plan is just one option IT managers can choose, in addition to the option of sticking to the original OEM warranty.

3.     Alleviate long-term wear and tear

Frequent usage can take a toll on devices, affecting their performance and, ultimately, the quality of the education they support. Organizations are benefitting from extending warranties by additional years to improve operational efficiency and mitigate long-term wear and tear. Since they can rely on their warranties to fix a problem associated with the device, IT managers use less reliance on break/fix. This enables them to reduce their budget by not having to employ more staff to maintain the devices. Additionally, it ensures that aging devices continue to function at an optimal level.

Maximize Your Technological Investments

In the digital learning ecosystem, the reliance on technology by students and faculty has never been greater. When IT leaders take a proactive approach to maintaining their devices, they maximize the length of their device lifecycle and lower their TCO. Opting for extended warranties that align with your budgeting practices can serve as a lifeline to ensure seamless operation and digital learning.

If you are searching for the right solutions to improve the way you manage and support your devices, CDW can help. With our consultative approach, we can help maximize your existing investments and meet your unique needs, so you can accomplish your educational goals.
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