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Migrating to the cloud has never been easier. CDW Amplified Services for AWS can assess your current environment and workloads and help you develop a migration strategy. For an existing AWS environment, CDW Managed Services for AWS can help optimize costs, identify security gaps, provide actionable monitoring and more.

Switch your AWS Account to CDW

Customers that switch their AWS accounts to CDW will now receive the following services at no charge:

  • CDW Managed Service: Basic coverage which includes Budget Adviser, Billing Adviser and Capacity and Security Adviser
  • CDW Cost Containment: Your choice of assessment to help you either explore the benefit of migrating from on-premises to AWS OR assisting you in both right-sizing your environment and checking for common security gaps.

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AWS Advanced Consulting Partner
AWS Certified Partner Network

CDW is a leading AWS CPPO provider!

Your organization can now get world-class support with the strength of thousands of strong ISV partnerships from CDW, the frictionless software purchasing experience AWS brings to the table, and the pricing and terms you’re used to while you draw down your AWS EDP.

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AWS Storage, Migration and Workspace Services by CDW

CDW and AWS Storage services will able to build your file storage solutions that fit your organizational needs now and in the future. CDW and AWS Migration services can containerize your legacy applications and give you the agility you need to innovate. CDW and AWS Workspace services enable you to work from anywhere, on any device.

AWS Storage Service Options with CDW

For long-term and short-term storage needs, AWS Storage Services and CDW offer  data management, protection, disaster recovery and more for your business or organization.

AWS Migration Service Options with CDW

Moving to the cloud can be daunting. Which applications should you move, which should stay on premise, which need to be modernized?  Let CDW help you get the right workloads to AWS the right way so that you can start getting the benefits your organization needs.

AWS Digital Workspace Services with CDW

CDW and Amazon Web Services (AWS) will enable you to digitally create your unique workspace on your laptop, tablet or phone. Amazon AppStream 2.0 and Amazon WorkSpaces have been the go-to services that CDW provides when you’re looking for a secure and cost-effective remote workplace alternative.


Looking to build an initial AWS environment that can be used for development, testing or production? Let CDW give you an unfair advantage.

VMware Cloud on AWS

Simplify Hybrid Cloud with VMware’s software-defined data center on the AWS cloud platform. Manage a vSphere-based environment and IaaS resources via familiar vSphere management tools.

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Looking to build an initial AWS environment for development, testing or production? CDW experts provide the resources needed to set you on the right path for your AWS cloud journey.

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Migration and Planning Service

CDW’s migration services can help you assess your options, identify appropriate workloads and develop a detailed migration strategy for the cloud.

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CDW’s Professional Services will help you adopt and integrate AWS securely. CDW has achieved multiple AWS certifications and is one of a handful of Advanced Consulting Partners.

A Deeper Dive on AWS Cost Optimization

CDW will review your AWS environment to discover business drivers, AWS account governance strategies and strategies for cost-optimization including cost-conscious design.

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CDW Well-Architected Review for AWS

CDW leverages AWS’ Well-Architected “Five Pillars” (operational excellence, security, reliability, performance and cost-optimization) to review your current AWS environment and provide actionable recommendations.

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AppStream for West Morris School District

AWS AppStream, implemented by CDW,  provided a virtual classroom option for West Morris school district that helped reduce their lab budget by 50 percent and improved the student and educator experience.

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See how CDW expertise and CDW Amplified™ Services have helped our customers get the most out of their AWS journey. 

CDW Managed Services for AWS

Allow CDW to manage your AWS estate.  CDW Managed Services for AWS:  Basic Included is available at no cost to you and identifies common security gaps and provides recommendations for right-sizing compute and storage.  “Basic Included” is a no cost way to explore the benefits of  CDW Amplified™ Services.  CDW also provides Essential (proactive monitoring) and Premium (proactive remediation).

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Additional Resources

Infrastructure-as-a-Service helps your organization reduce the operational burden of managing on-premises data centers and enables your IT department to focus on higher value activities.  See how AWS can can remove additional operational burdens :


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